Zapier and SmartSurvey Partner Up

SmartSurvey just got a lot more connected – our Zapier integration is now live!

We are always looking for ways to make things easier and provide you with the answers you need, in the way you need them. SmartSurvey’s new integration with Zapier allows you to link to more than 750 everyday web apps, such as Salesforce, Office 365, Google Sheets and Hubspot so that they can work together to automate tasks and save you time.

What does a Zapier and SmartSurvey Partnership mean?

Imagine you want to build integrations to automate your repetitive tasks, such as moving information from your online surveys to your accounting, marketing or HR departments. Using Zapier will allow you to automate areas of customer business management to streamline those tasks that need doing every day.

Benefits of Zapier Integration

What is good time management? Quite simply ‘time’ is the point at which things happen. By automating some of those ‘things’ it will free you up to make more productive decisions that will provide a better customer experience.

By working with Zapier, SmartSurvey can enable you to become a customer-centric company!

With a Zapier-SmartSurvey integration you will be able to;

  • Totally integrate with your CRM system
  • Effectively manage marketing campaigns
  • Automate follow up with sales leads
  • Migrate contact data
  • Service sales tickets
  • And, with 750 apps to choose from, much, much more

Here are examples of automated tasks you can create using Zapier:

How it Works

A Zap is quick and easy to set up. Don’t worry, integrating with Zapier requires absolutely no knowledge of coding whatsoever! As a user, you simply select Triggers (the event that starts the Zap) and Actions (the event the Zap performs) to automate the task of your choice.

Once you have set up a Zap, simply leave Zapier to do the work, it will run automatically and all you need to do is monitor the activity. You can turn Zaps on and off at any time.

How to Get Started with Zapier

To create your SmartSurvey Zap, simply follow these steps in your Business or Enterprise account.

Please Note: You will need to have created a survey and have collected some responses (these can be dummy responses) before creating your Zap.

Login to your SmartSurvey account and click on Account in the toolbar

Click on API Keys in Advanced Settings

Zapier and SmartSurvey Integration
Zapier and SmartSurvey Integration

Fill out the Description of how you will be using the SmartSurvey API e.g. Zapier

Click Request Access

You can now Create your API Key

Get started with Zapier and create your SmartSurvey Zap
Create Your SmartSurvey API Key

Sign up with Zapier

Click Make a Zap in the Toolbar

Choose a Trigger App – search for SmartSurvey

Click on the SmartSurvey App

Click Save + Continue

Click on Connect a New Account

Paste details of your API Key and enter your API Token Secret

3. Access to SmartSurvey

Click Yes, continue to connect to your SmartSurvey account

Benefits of Using Zaps

  • Makes it easier to integrate with any kind of software
  • Saves time and money by automating repetitive tasks
  • You become part of a bigger system of automation
  • No need to worry about building custom software or hiring developers

Ready to Get Started?

Zapier and SmartSurvey
SmartSurvey’s Zapier Integration is Live

Sign up for FREE to Zapier and get in touch with our friendly support team to upgrade your account to Business or Enterprise to get going!

SmartSurvey has launched on Zapier in Beta, prior to our full rollout shortly. Check out our own landing page on the Zapbook, where you will find a small collection of our Zap Templates ready for you to use.  Once you’ve got to grips with it and started building your own integrations, please let us know as we may add some of the best ones to our templates for other SmartSurvey users to benefit from.

Get Started with Zapier

Create Your First SmartSurvey Zap


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