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    Your reports, your way: The new Summary report with Views.

    SmartSurvey Product Update

    You may have noticed over the past few months that we’ve been running a beta for the summary report page as it got one of the biggest updates we’ve made to any core feature of SmartSurvey.

    That Beta is now over so we’re really proud to be able to take you on a short tour of some of the new features and capabilities the new summary report offers.

    More Control

    We’ve added several new features that allow you to customise the report, by activating or deactivating various visual elements, such as extra statistical information, free text responses, or even hiding specific pages or questions, and quickly apply filters.

      The view control options shown in the SmartSurvey app.

    Choose which elements to include in the report

      the hide-and-show interface shows which elements can be ticked to include in reports

    Include or exclude specific questions


    Save Your Choices

    Once you’ve created your perfect report, you can save those preferences to be a “View”. You can save multiple views and switch between them at will, depending on your needs. Set your own default view so that the page always loads how you want it.

    Drop-down list of saved views.

    Save your view choices for future use

    Share Your Views

    Each view can have its own sharing links created, so if you only want to share part of a survey with someone, you can do that quickly and easily by creating a view that shows exactly what you want to show and then creating a sharing link for that view.

    List of shared report links in the smartsurvey app report screen

    Create custom Share links for each department or audience

    A Powerful New Tool

    Putting it all together, the summary report is now a powerful reporting hub that allows you to create bespoke sharing links for anyone you want to share your survey results with. As you can see from our screenshots, by applying filters, or hiding particular questions, you can decide which information and responses are shared with which department or business function, while maintaining the benefits of collecting into a central survey for overall reporting and ease of use, so a single enquiry form can collect responses for multiple purposes, with the results shared only to those departments or functions that need them.

    We’d like to thank everyone who tried the new version of the page during beta and offer extra thanks to anyone who sent us feedback about the page during the Beta. We really are very grateful and appreciative of all the help our customers have been.

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    About Author

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    Rich Tysoe

    Richard is a product specialist at SmartSurvey, he helps with product development and technical solutions.

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