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Why You Need a Customer Satisfaction Survey

Companies tend to thrive in business when they manage to achieve a consistent rate of happy customers. A customer satisfaction survey is the best tool at your disposal to measure what they like or dislike and how they rate the customer service they received. It is also essential to find out if there is any dissatisfaction and what the reasons for it are.

It goes without saying that modern companies, who are aware of the significance of learning the extent of their customers’ satisfaction, are more likely to retain business and increase levels of loyalty.  To be able to keep abreast of customers’ feelings and opinions, companies should regularly conduct surveys to benchmark customer satisfaction.


Customer Satisfaction Survey Why You Need a Customer Satisfaction Survey


How Often Should I Survey a Customer?

Using an appropriately designed customer satisfaction survey, distributed at regular intervals, you can collect information on customers’ opinions. The frequency of surveys, related to customer satisfaction, is very important as it provides a real-time update on satisfaction levels.

The purpose of a customer satisfaction survey is to find out the answer to an important question:  Is the respondent willing to buy from the company again? However, a lot of other information should be collected at the same time.

Tips on Sending a Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. Schedule surveys based on the rate of interaction with customers
  2. Avoid survey fatigue by not sending your questionnaires too often
  3. Ask questions based on satisfaction with specific products or services
  4. Find out how likely they are to buy from the company again
  5. Would they recommend the product or service to others?
  6. Would they recommend the company as a whole to other people?

As already mentioned, a customer satisfaction survey should also establish if there are reasons for dissatisfaction and what details have given rise to such dissatisfaction. Include a question asking whether customers do not like something with respect to the specific company, and inviting them to clarify what the reasons for the dislike are.

Benefits of Using Online Surveys

A customer satisfaction survey is a modern business tool that is of immense benefit for companies wishing to improve the level of their products or services. It is necessary to establish a host of important information with respect to your customers’ satisfaction with products or services, as well as invite them to share whether they would recommend the product or service, or the whole company, to other people.

The goal of the questions in a customer satisfaction survey is to provide the answer to an ultimate question that is crucial for each business. The goal is to find out if customers are so satisfied with a specific product or service that they intend to buy again, and in turn, continue their loyalty to the company.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in May 2012 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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