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When to Password Protect Your Online Surveys

An online survey is a great way to receive feedback from your customers. Most of the time, they include an option to password protect your online surveys, which is a very useful tool. Here, a respondent will be provided with a password before they are able to answer an online survey. As a company, you can remove or add passwords, using the function in a very efficient manner.

In fact, you could even password protect your online surveys that stay in place. That way, if you have a new questionnaire, respondents already have all the login details they require. As a company, you can tick which people who have already taken online surveys in the past should receive this new questionnaire.

The only issue you have to think about when creating online surveys with password protection is how to get the login details to your respondents. Luckily, most online surveys can have this installed in a fully automatic manner. This means that the first time that someone signs up to complete a survey, they receive an automatic email and set their own password.

Within businesses, password protecting your online surveys is an even better idea, because they can require individual employees to include a greater amount of details about themselves, and any further questionnaires can then be sent filtered on those result. In fact, questionnaires can even be customised based on the results of those who have previously created login details. As an example, an internal survey is about how comfortable the working environment is. Any questions relating to outdoor sales can be removed for someone who works in the mail room, whose opinion on climate control within the overall building may be just as valid.

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