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    Useful Features to Include in Online Surveys

    The success of online surveys depends on careful planning and choice of online survey question types. It is essential to pay attention to different survey question types and choose them carefully to make the best impression on respondents. Appropriately chosen question types and features which complement them are essential for online surveys.

    Multiple choice answers are common in online surveys, and they enable respondents to answer choosing among more than one present answer. Respondents can also be offered text boxes or multi line text areas where they can answer using their own answer. Multiple choice answers are a useful feature for most online surveys as they guide respondents’ answers and provide ready options to choose from. Options can be displayed either horizontally or vertically.

    Another useful feature when choosing online survey question types is the inclusion of radio buttons. This feature works well with checkboxes, and it enables respondents to choose only a single option to give their answer. Here again researchers can choose to offer preset answers, or provide a blank field for respondents to enter the text of their answers.

    The one answer drop down feature is useful when respondents are asked to choose one option only. Here it is not possible to provide a text field for respondents to enter the text of their answers.

    The True/False feature is useful not only when it is specifically necessary that respondents fill true or false answer, but also for any questions when respondents are given only two answers to choose from. This is a basic feature for such online survey software question types which is very frequently in use in online surveys.

    The Yes/No feature is almost identical to the True/False one mentioned above, and the difference is that with it it is possible to display text field where respondents can enter their answers, in addition to the two present replies.

    The date feature is part of an online survey question types which is specifically designed to collect the date from respondents, and it enables researchers to fill the field with default dates, or to limit respondents’ answers to a choice among specific date ranges.

    The open ended single line feature refers to online survey question types in which respondents are offered single one line text fields where they can type their answers.

    Finally, the open ended multiple line question type is similar to the preceding one, with the difference in the field size; here the multi line field is designed to provide space for longer responses.

    Engaging respondents to the very end with dynamic online survey question types is a certain prerequisite to boost response rates and improve the quality of respondents’ answers. Furthermore, surveys can be edited quickly, as there are libraries of questions to choose from. With online surveys, it is possible to create and distribute different versions of one survey, depending on the exact purposes. These goals are easy to achieve thanks to the useful features and online survey question types offered by modern survey creation tools.

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