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    Use Skip Logic to Increase Response Rates

    Skip logic is a beneficial feature of online survey software. By presenting only the relevant questions to the respondent; it will increase response rates of your survey.

    Skip logic allows you to create various custom made paths for different participants. The direction of questions depends on previous answers; this is an excellent way to keep the respondent with your survey as they are not presented with questions that will waste their time.

    In order to increase response rates the survey must contain many avenues; with all possible answers preconceived so that the respondent can be directed onto a related question. Of course the purpose of the survey; whatever its content, is to discover and collate the answers and not predict them! However, by attempting to pigeon hole types of people prior, you can create a survey to your maximum advantage. For instance you could ask whether the participant is a man or a woman, or what their age bracket is and what type of job they have. It is not the specifics that you need, the answers will supply you with this; it’s the ability to know your intended audience that will increase response rates.

    Skip logic allows you to target smaller audiences as well as more general ones. This will provide you with more accurate results and the survey will become a lot more user-friendly, more personal and be a lot shorter. This will therefore increase response rates, and your concluding results will be more detailed and accurate allowing you to use your data to inform better decisions of your business or research.

    There are three very popular skip logic themed online surveys. The first is customer service satisfaction/dissatisfaction, of course very successful with skip logic as the customer feels like their opinion; whether good or bad, is being taken into account. Good skip logic surveys will lure back respondents, and if the dissatisfied customers’ concerns are taken into account and acted upon, your survey will increase response rates. But you have to remember to keep your side of the bargain and use the negative results for positive after affects, especially with customer satisfaction surveys.

    The online versus physical store survey is very handy. With skip logic you can target those who have not purchased online, asking them why they have viewed your website but not concluded in a purchase. The direction of questions here should present a level of understanding for the respondent, hopefully making them feel more at ease as to buy online. By targeting the questions directly to those that have purchased and then those that haven’t, will ultimately personalise the survey and increase response rates drastically.

    The final popular skip logic survey is a products/services questionnaire; there are endless skip logic routes to take to increase response rates! You will be able to see what each ‘type’ of person has bought in the past; this will allow you to target them with relevant sales and guidance using the information provided.

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