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Use Employee Satisfaction Surveys to Find Out Employee Happiness

If your staff turnover rates are not good, there is clearly something wrong within your company. The question is how do you find the problem and eradicate it without losing staff and without gaining any more? Without a drastic plan of action, the solution is simple; to increase staff retention you must start to use employee satisfaction surveys.

These surveys are designed to get a conclusive answer of how happy employees are within their job and environment. The employee satisfaction surveys differ from the job satisfaction questionnaires. The job satisfaction focuses on the individual and whether they are happy in their particular role, however the employee satisfactions surveys will play a more general part. This will cover general satisfaction of the entire company and the running of it.

The simple fact is that a dissatisfied and unhappy employer is more likely to leave their job. Whereas an employee that is overall happy with their role will need a lot of pressure from a different company to leave. The employee satisfaction surveys will separate these two types of people and analyse the negative answers of those who are dissatisfied. Therefore hopefully solving a few problems and increasing the staff retention.

Often the things that employees are not happy with are not what you think, and by using the employee satisfaction surveys this will bring even a minor problem to light. For instance the lack of another drink machine or the ‘dress down Friday’ rule not applying; may be a contributing reason as to why an employee would choose to leave.

Employee satisfaction surveys will ultimately increase the staff retention as it will allow you to address the things that are making your employees dissatisfied. It will give you a clear and concise way of looking at problems and attempting to solve them one by one. It may also be beneficial to take the information granted to pursue newer avenues that have not been suggested yet. This way you are taking a proactive and independent approach to improve and surprise the working environment for employees.

Your employee satisfaction surveys must open an opportunity for your employees to not only supply you with their problems, but to offer suggestions. This way you are keeping your employees involved and showing them that their happiness is very important to you.

You must be able to communicate and cooperate with your employees in order to solve any possible issues. The employee satisfaction surveys are there to open up communication and make everybody feel like they are a part of a solution instead of a problem.

It is vitally important to offer anonymity to those completing online surveys, this way your employees are more likely to answer the questions more honestly. The answers will usually be a lot more authentic, candid and outspoken if kept confidential.