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    The Top 10 Most Common Online Survey Mistakes

    There are a number of online survey mistakes that are so common, it makes people wonder why they are still being made. These online survey mistakes are very easy to avoid, so long as you know what to look out for. Let’s take a look.

    10 common online survey mistakes

    1. Not understanding who your audience is. Too many people think it is simply a case of randomly asking questions, but your data will only be valuable if you know who you have asked it to and why you chose to ask it to them specifically.

    2. Most people prefer to offer multiple choice answer questions. However, one of the most common online survey mistakes is to provide restrictive multiple choice options, meaning you will be left with people who feel they cannot choose any option, and drop out of the survey instead.

    3. You should also make sure that people have to option of skipping a question. Yes, it may mean you have fewer responses, but if you force people to answer, they may just give up on it altogether.

    4. Asking open ended questions should be avoided as much as possible. People often don’t understand exactly what you are asking of them and become confused, losing faith in your overall questionnaire.

    5. Ranking questions are good, but only if used where appropriate and in the right manner.

    6. Another of the biggest online survey mistakes is to ask unnecessary questions. Review your survey again and again before you decide to roll it out in order to avoid this.

    7. Similarly, you should make sure not to ask too many questions. People want to have it over and done with quickly.

    8. It is also easy to ask two questions mixed into one, which you should avoid.

    9. Questions should be specific, rather than general, as it is much easier to answer specific requests.

    10. The biggest mistake of all, however, is rushing your online questionnaire. Take your time and think about what you are doing.

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