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The Online Survey Check List

Before surveys are launched online, it is essential to perform a thorough check of the essential features, in order to be certain that possible mistakes are eliminated. An online survey check list contains the essential goals and items of the survey where checking should be made. The online survey checking list can be prepared specifically for the survey, but there are some general areas to be checked with all surveys.

In the first place, the purpose of an online questionnaire should be very clear. It should be easy for respondents to identify, so they could feel more confidence they are contributing to valuable work.

The survey questions should be relevant to the survey goals and targets, and they should be very appropriately focused. To ensure that respondents will provide relevant answers, the questions should be easy to understand. Yet another factor to be checked to invite truthful answers is the lack of ambiguity in questions.

For the overall usefulness of the online survey, the online survey check list should contain a balanced set of questions, to ensure the obtention of balanced data and hence reliable conclusions.

When there are different answer options for the questions in an online survey, the online survey check list should comprise the requirement to check if the list of options for each question is exhaustive enough. Again the exhaustiveness of the list of options is a prerequisite for more reliable feedback data.

Among the pitfalls in creating online surveys, in addition to question ambiguity, there can be mutually exclusive options provided for the same question. That is why the online survey check list should contain an item requiring the authors to check for such mutually exclusive options.

Survey scaling is a factor that enables companies to judge survey data more accurately. That is why the online survey check list should comprise the checking of the survey scale – it should be the same throughout the whole feedback form.

An important factor which enables surveys to invite more information from respondents is the combination of closed questions and open ended questions. The check list for online surveys should contain the requirement for checking if there is the correct combination of closed and open ended questions.

The ordering of survey questions is a very important factor for the success of the whole survey, so the checking of the question order is mandatory, and if there are needs to reorder questions, such checking can ensure that inappropriate ordering is remedied prior to launching the survey online. The online survey check list should also include the checking of the survey question logic, to see if it works correctly.

Finally, to ensure the success of an online survey, checking by other persons is needed. The more other people participate in the survey checking process, the more carefully will the whole survey be reviewed, and more people can identify more problems, if they exist, so that they can be eliminated and the survey can function effectively from the very moment it is launched online.