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    The Importance of Filtering Your Survey Responses in Your Reports

    Once you have conducted a survey and collected your data, it is time to create reports that will tell you what the results of your investigation are. Usually, you can also run online survey reports whilst the questionnaire is still live, to show preliminary results. The best way to have concise reports is by filtering survey responses. There are three main types of filters and it is important to understand them all.

    Filtering Survey Responses – Why Is it Needed?

    By creating a filter, you are able to study subsets of data, allowing for more advanced analysis. Your online survey reports will refer to areas that are of interest. You will only see the responses that are pertinent to the criteria you want to know, which will allow patterns to be seen more clearly.

    Filtering Survey Responses – The Different Types

    In order to have useful online survey reports, you must understand the three types of filters. When filtering survey responses, you can look at:
    Responses – whereby only specific types of answers are shown in your report. For instance, how many “yes” answers, how many “liked a lot” answers and so on. A good package will also make it possible for you to apply different filters simultaneously.
    Properties – your system will record properties of the survey at the bank end. For instance, you could filter by response status, date, first name, email address, custom value, IP address, last name and so on.
    Collector – these reports are only available if you have entered multiple collectors when originally designing the online survey itself. If there are certain collectors whose answers you do not wish to see displayed in your results, you can filter these out.

    All of these manipulations allow you to make better judgements on what your data is actually telling you, hence creating a scope for a better understanding.

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