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    The Benefits of Using Question and Answer Piping

    In order to truly understand the benefits of question and answer piping, you must first grasp what it is. Through question and answer piping, you can use the answer to a specific question and include that in any follow up questions later on in the survey. For instance, if you ask a respondent what their favourite drink is, you can design any further parts of the online questionnaire specifically to that drink. In other words, if the answer was “orange juice”, you could then ask what your customers enjoy about orange juice, rather than using a generalised question .

    The benefits of question answer piping include:

    • Your survey design will look more personal, immediately ensuring that those you survey feel they are being listened to.

    • Designing a questionnaire is far easier with question and answer piping, as each question will be related to the previous replies.

    • The data quality is greatly improved, as there will be far fewer “not applicable” responses.

    • You are able to collect results according to responses in sets that follow the variables that you used in piping. In the example above, for instance, you could run a report on “orange juice” or any other drink that was part of the possible responses in your original question.

    All surveys are about communication and making sure that anybody who answers it feels their responses are appreciated and valued. There are numerous tools to increase this positive feeling, and question and answer piping is one of the easiest to use. Other mechanisms at your disposal are such things as explaining why you are asking certain queries and what you will use the data for, as well as sharing the data once your online survey has been completed. These tools are all designed to help you gather greater numbers of answers and to make sure the replies you receive are accurate and yield measurable data.

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