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    That’s a Wrap – The Top 6 Online Survey Tips from 2016

    We’re almost at the end of the year. To review some of the best bits of 2016, we have taken a look back at what you found most interesting. Here, we revisit some of your favourite blog posts and new feature updates the team at SmartSurvey have successfully rolled out over the past 12 months. Below, we have compiled a summary of the top 6 online survey tips from 2016…

    #1 Advantages of Using Likert Scale Questions

    2016 was a busy year for election activity on both sides of the Atlantic! Polls did indicate which way people might vote on various issues but this didn’t always explain the end result. Surveys don’t always show which issues are the most important to the voter. Our blog on Likert Scale Questions explained the limitations of distinguishing between strong and weakly held opinions and how this can affect survey results.

    #2 Feature Spotlight: Mobile Friendly Surveys

    The way customers communicate with businesses and services has changed significantly over the past few years, with SMS messaging hitting all-time highs. In our Feature Spotlight blog back in May, we turned the focus to Mobile Friendly Surveys and the advanced features the team at SmartSurvey can offer to help you reach your audience on the move.

    Mobile Friendly Surveys Mobile Friendly Surveys

    #3 The Pros and Cons of Using Open Ended Questions

    Successful online surveys would usually have a combination of both closed and open ended questions in order to meet the survey objectives. The key to deriving value from an online questionnaire is to find out what your customers are thinking in order to build a better picture of how to achieve customer satisfaction. You told us that you were interested in finding out more about how to get the most from your research and to help we wrote a blog on The Pros and Cons of Using Open Ended Questions in order to provide relevant information.

    #4 Recognising the Difference Between Rating and Ranking Questions

    In November, we helped shed some light on the differences between Rating and Ranking Questions and the best use of them in your online questionnaires. Successfully designing your survey with a variation of question types will keep it more interesting to respondents and, therefore, increase the response rate.

    #5 The Importance of Keeping Survey Responses Confidential

    Maintaining personal privacy online in today’s digital age has never been more important. Breaches of privacy in business can result in a breach of trust in that relationship. In our list of most popular blog topics, we discuss The Importance of Keeping Survey Responses Confidential.  It is essential to reassure respondents taking part in your online surveys that the information they are giving you will remain compliant with the Data Protection Act.

    #6 Features Spotlight: Default Answers & Page Randomisation

    Another popular Feature Spotlight on the blog that we released in April discussed a couple of our most popular survey features. You have conveyed to us that Default Answers and Page Randomisation is helping you get the most out of you online surveys. By pre-populating certain survey fields as well as randomising the order in which the pages appear helps respondents save time and avoid survey bias.

    2016 has been a great year and we have some exciting plans in the pipeline for 2017. We hope our top tips have helped you get more from your online surveys to help you make better decisions. We raise a glass to 2016 and look forward to welcoming 2017.

    Top 6 Online Survey Tips from 2016 Top 6 Online Survey Tips from 2016

    Christmas Opening Times

    The SmartSurvey office will be closed from midday on Friday, December 23 through until Tuesday, January 3. If you want to chat with us before then, please give us a call on 0800 0937 822. If you require technical support during the holidays, please raise a support ticket from within your account dashboard.

    We wish you a Happy Holiday – See you in 2017!

    Happy Holidays from the SmartSurvey Team


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