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Survey Distribution – The best methods

Survey Distribution – The best methods

Survey distribution tools allow you to easily reach your selected audience, ask a range of questions, analyse data in real-time and make quick, informed decisions. A process that could have taken months, can now be completed in a matter of hours.

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Top 5 Best Practices for Social Media Surveys

Social media is perhaps the most used and effective media available to people today, and for those who can use if effectively, there can be nothing better than social media to reach out to people. This is especially true in cases of businesses that have just started out and are yet to make a name for them. Using social media surveys, business owners can interact with many kinds of people, which can include existing and potential customers, not to mention the general audience who might just want...

Post Your Surveys on Twitter to Improve Response Rates

If you want to improve survey response rates, you must use all the tools at your disposal. Social media is a very important tool, which is why you should always place your survey on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn at the very least. To improve survey response rate for an online questionnaire that runs within an organisation only, you should also use email and the intranet, as well as making announcements with the wage slips. Placing your surveys on Twitter is so easy that it would be a waste of...