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Identifying the best times to send your survey to maximise your engagement

Identifying the best times to send your survey to maximise your engagement

From your careful choice of survey to your detailed selection and crafting of questions; having taken the time to create a great survey, you will want to achieve the best possible responses to help maximise your survey’s success.  

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Sign Up For a Free Online Survey Account

The adoption of online survey software is growing daily and, if you have a need to collect data, you could be signed up with a free online survey account in minutes. Here is a quick guide to getting started and answers to some frequently asked questions…

Political Surveys and Online Polls

Political surveys and online polls have had a bumpy ride since Brexit. But heading into the General Election, the public’s attention is firmly on the polls! Politics can be as unpredictable as the weather but despite that fact, we love to try to predict opinion. Online polls have many benefits, including influencing the decisions made by party leaders, so ignore them at your peril…

The Value of Market Research

If you want to keep up with trends in the market and stay one step ahead of the competition, then you need to be doing market research! It’s beneficial for any organisation to take a look to see what will drive success and a good place to start is to assess the value of market research. A well-designed online survey is the best method of learning what you are doing well and how you can improve it. Find out more about how to conduct successful market research…

How Anthony Nolan use SmartSurvey to securely gather accurate data

Anthony Nolan,  a charity that helps to save and improve the lives of people with blood cancer, use SmartSurvey to securely gather accurate data for review and prompt analysis. We spoke with Louise Nazir, Operations Business Manager at Anthony Nolan to find out how the charity uses online survey software…

Parkinson's UK join SmartSurvey

Parkinson’s UK joined SmartSurvey in January 2015 in order to manage their online survey needs. We spoke with Luis Perpetuo, Head of Involvement and Inclusion at Parkinson’s UK to find out how they use SmartSurvey to conduct internal research and to communicate with over 38,000 members of the organisation…

5 Top Tips for Creating Safer Online Surveys

February 7 is ‘Safer Internet Day’, celebrated in hundreds of countries worldwide. The day highlights positive uses of technology and encourages everybody to create a better and safer online community, we have some suggestions for creating safer online surveys. To support ‘Safer Internet Day’ we have put together 5 Top Tips for creating safe online surveys.

The Importance of Keeping Survey Responses Confidential

When conducting online surveys, confidentiality is always an important consideration. Online survey responses must be kept confidential and within the parameters of The Data Protection Act. Reassuring respondents, who are participating in your surveys, that the information they are giving will remain confidential is of the utmost importance and setting their minds at rest about this will improve your survey response rates.

Privacy Shield – Keep Your Data Safe with a UK Survey Provider

You have probably heard that recently, the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield has been announced as a replacement for the Safe Harbor Agreement. However, it has emerged that the EU are still not happy with the final text of the agreement as it is “too complex … and therefore ineffective”, meaning that the agreement does not sufficiently protect EU citizens’ rights!

Affordable Online Survey Software with Added Features

Following on from our post about our Free Basic online survey account, we are now turning our focus to our Pro Account and the benefits of signing up. You need to send an online survey to gather data, you have identified your goals, started to design your survey and suddenly had a light bulb moment! This research is important, you need to generate responses quickly, then export and analyse the data to meet your stated objectives. So you ask yourself, “How can I get all the features I need and...