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skip logic

Online Survey Advice: Frequently Asked Questions

We regularly receive a range of support questions from both new and existing customers asking for survey advice. We are always happy to cover as much as we can but we thought it might be useful to highlight some of the most common questions we get asked. 

It’s Christmas Quiz Time - Do you Know Your Jingle Bells From Your Mistletoe?

You can capture any type of data you want with online surveys. But did you know that you can also have some seasonal fun by creating and circulating a Christmas Quiz for all your friends and colleagues to take part in? In the build-up to the big day, why not get everybody in the mood for the holidays by taking part in a bit of festive merriment?

Affordable Online Survey Software with Added Features

Following on from our post about our Free Basic online survey account, we are now turning our focus to our Pro Account and the benefits of signing up. You need to send an online survey to gather data, you have identified your goals, started to design your survey and suddenly had a light bulb moment! This research is important, you need to generate responses quickly, then export and analyse the data to meet your stated objectives. So you ask yourself, “How can I get all the features I need and...

The Benefits of Using Skip Logic

In designing surveys, the use of skip logic, also referred to as conditional branching or routing, is used when researchers change the course that respondents can take in an answer-based survey, in order to make the survey more relevant and quicker to complete.  Wouldn’t you like to increase response rates to your surveys? Read on to find out how…

Creating Product Research Surveys

Product research surveys are essential if you want to collect feedback about your products from key stakeholders. The data captured from surveys will help you to shape future product design, improve your current offerings and ultimately deliver a product that brings true value to your customers. Honest customer feedback is also your most relevant endorsement of your current offering, it can, however, be the first indicator that something needs to change.

Survey Features – Powerful Tools for Your Team

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, ‘Time is Money’! Getting feedback from your customers is essential for businesses looking to make informed decisions. However, many people lead increasingly busy lives!  So we are going to look at how some new, time-saving, survey features will help you get the most out of your online questionnaires. Ask yourself – how can I engage with my customers in the most time efficient way? Have you ever wanted to collect feedback about a new product? Would you like to...

Improve Your Survey Response Rates by Using Skip Logic

Getting a high survey response rate for surveys is critical in establishing a conclusive and reliable outcome. There are numerous factors and techniques to include when designing a questionnaire to improve the survey response rate. One of the best techniques available is the Skip Logic tool. What is Skip Logic? Skip Logic works by directing respondents through different, separate paths, based on their answers to previous questions or page logic. The tool can only be applied to different...

Use Skip Logic to Increase Response Rates

Skip logic is a beneficial feature of online survey software. By presenting only the relevant questions to the respondent; it will increase response rates of your survey. Skip logic allows you to create various custom made paths for different participants. The direction of questions depends on previous answers; this is an excellent way to keep the respondent with your survey as they are not presented with questions that will waste their time.