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customer satisfaction survey

Using Online Surveys to Track Customer Effort Scores.

Using Online Surveys to Track Customer Effort Scores.

Customer Effort Surveys can be an effective approach to collecting customer feedback. They are simple to set up and analyse, and flexible. They’re effective because they focus on a specific element of customer experience that’s been shown to be key in predicting returning business. They're based on the idea that by making your business easier to deal with, customers will be more likely to return, but how do you work out how to do that? With online surveys of course....

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How to implement a Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction is essential for organisations to grow in today’s fast changing business environment. Gathering feedback via surveys can be a powerful management tool, so here we take an in-depth look at how to implement a customer satisfaction survey.

5 Customer Satisfaction Survey Mistakes

A well-designed customer satisfaction survey can provide your organisation with essential insight that will help you compete in today’s competitive market. By listening and acting on feedback you can improve your customer UX which will increase referrals and keep consumers coming back for more.

The Value of Market Research

If you want to keep up with trends in the market and stay one step ahead of the competition, then you need to be doing market research! It’s beneficial for any organisation to take a look to see what will drive success and a good place to start is to assess the value of market research. A well-designed online survey is the best method of learning what you are doing well and how you can improve it. Find out more about how to conduct successful market research…

Customer Satisfaction Surveys - Why they are Important?

Many organisations are aware that customer satisfaction is the most important asset they have. However, gathering feedback from consumers on a regular basis is not always seen as a priority, sometimes because no one is quite sure how to do it. We take a closer look at how online surveys can help you to understand your customers and improve loyalty…

Why You Need a Customer Satisfaction Survey

Companies tend to thrive in business when they manage to achieve a consistent rate of happy customers. A customer satisfaction survey is the best tool at your disposal to measure what they like or dislike and how they rate the customer service they received. It is also essential to find out if there is any dissatisfaction and what the reasons for it are.

The Best Survey Tools for Research

Creating and sending online surveys has never been easier. There are many great survey tools for research, ranging from free to paid plans. We are going to take a look at some of the best and highlight some of the advanced features and benefits they can provide for you…

Visit us at Civil Service Live in London

We are attending Civil Service Live 2016 in London on Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 July! What is Civil Service Live? I hear you asking: An annual programme of learning events organised by the Cabinet Office, is the answer. And we will be there showcasing how to be more connected to your target audiences through online surveys. Read on to find out more about data storage, security, mobile responsiveness and multi-language features…

How to get the Right Survey Audience for your Online Questionnaire

Do you need to reach a specific survey audience, but don't have the people in your address book? Would guaranteed responses help you with your research? You’ve spent time and resources on designing a state-of-the-art survey, but your efforts will be wasted unless you get the number of respondents needed to meet the survey objectives. Read on to find out how to get targeted audiences to take part in your survey…

Alton Towers Delight Visitors by using Customer Surveys to find out What Will Make Them Smile (or Scream)

Customer Surveys We spoke with the Head of Product Excellence at Alton Towers, to find out how using SmartSurvey helps them improve customer satisfaction. The Resort, operated by Merlin Entertainments, is a theme park, water park, and hotel complex. Read on to find out how customer surveys help to create unique, memorable and rewarding visitor experiences for millions of people…