Surveys: Online vs Paper

The increasing incidence rate of offering an online survey vs. paper survey solution to customers has its well founded reasons. Whereas in the past paper surveys were common, the expanding use of the world wide web has led to the spread of the online surveys practice, tipping the scales of online survey vs. paper survey to the benefit of the former. It is true that paper surveys have the advantage of serving as documents, but on the other hand, they contribute to the increase in paper consumption, which is not in conformity with green policies worldwide.

In addition to contributing to significant economies of paper, the online survey vs. paper survey comparison is in favour of the former for obvious reasons. The collection of data and the subsequent analysis process are a much smoother, efficient, as well as cost effective procedure. There are no costs incurred for paper material, printing, or postage. The opportunities that enable companies to avoid such expenses are welcome, as they offer better cost effectiveness and a cheaper method – the online survey vs. paper survey comparison invariably shows the advantages of online surveys.

With respect to the speed of conduct, online questionnaires are once more an indubitable winner. They are distributed instantaneously, and the results are accumulated in real time. That is why the immediate analysis of the data accumulated is possible, which, besides promptness, offers the added advantage of saving a lot of people precious time.

With the ease of conduct, online surveys are invaluable tools for companies which decide to repeat the conduct of the same surveys at certain intervals in the future – the online survey vs. paper survey shows the supremacy of online surveys once again. Such repeated conducts are efficient as they can provide valuable data to be used for trend analysis.


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