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    Survey Software: Important Features

    It is very important to have an understanding of survey software as it will determine the price you pay. The software containing more features may not be what you are after; therefore more money is spent on something you simply do not need. Of course it is impossible to have knowledge of every survey software feature, but you must be aware of a few key functions and features that will benefit your overall conduction of online surveys.

    Survey creation is really vital, it must be aesthetically pleasing to lure in potential respondents. By inserting images, sounds, and videos you can immediately enhance the appearance of your online questionnaire. This survey software tool can however be over used slightly, so use it only when necessary as it can slow down the download of your web page. This will result in your window being closed.

    The Question library, Response library and Sample surveys are important for those who create several online surveys on a regular basis. These features will allow you to create surveys quickly if making them from scratch isn’t possible. This isn’t an expensive feature and will be well worth having.

    A handy feature to have would be the survey software on a hand-held device. This will allow you to post surveys ‘on the run’, perfect for those having a busy day and are not able to sit at a computer screen. This may cause the price to increase however it is a very important feature.

    Another online survey software feature is Data Piping. This personalises the questionnaire and data that the respondent is completing, for instance instead of just saying ‘thank you’, the survey will address you directly. With vast increases of question completion due to this, it is a feature that is vital. A person directed to your survey will be more inclined to complete if they are addressed personally.

    Once the survey has been completed, it is now down to you to track your respondents. This is a very helpful survey software feature as it will link you to all the people in your mailing list. Simpler versions of this tracking device will simply allow you to send emails, however the more complex will allow you to see who actually read your email. It will show who clicked the link, which people took the survey and who didn’t and then send reminders to those that did not complete it.

    An important piece of survey software is presenting people with the chance to save and continue later on. This is a very good feature to have especially if the online survey is going to be considerably long. A Response Collection is also of great importance as it will of course alert you to fully completed surveys submitted.

    An easy to use and no hassle feature is the survey analysis programme. This is where all data received is collated into a graph and report. This will present you with the information and answers collected from your survey in an orderly way.

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