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    Survey Features – Powerful Tools for Your Team

    In the words of Benjamin Franklin, ‘Time is Money’! Getting feedback from your customers is essential for businesses looking to make informed decisions. However, many people lead increasingly busy lives!  So we are going to look at how some new, time-saving, survey features will help you get the most out of your online questionnaires.

    Ask yourself – how can I engage with my customers in the most time efficient way?

    • Have you ever wanted to collect feedback about a new product?
    • Would you like to know about your customer preferences?

    Online surveys are a valuable tool to help you pinpoint consumer desires and to understand their behaviour. But it’s crucial to ask the right questions in order to get results that help you understand your audience better.

    At SmartSurvey, we are focused on delivering advanced survey features to help you and your team conduct effective research.  We thought you might like to hear about some of the new features we have been busy working on.

    Advanced survey features to help your team conduct effective market research Advanced New Features

    New Advanced Survey Features

    Survey Logic & Branching

    Advanced Skip Logic –If you are building a survey that is using multiple answer questions, then the rules for Skip Logic are now even more comprehensive. You can select multiple answer choices in one rule and can select the question on the page that you want the respondent to be taken to.

    Page Jump Logic – Users can customise their survey and change the natural path of each individual questionnaire. Respondents can jump from any page to any page, applying logical paths to any set of questions.

    These first two advanced survey features enable convenient customising of questionnaires. This will save time for certain groups of respondents by skipping over questions that are not related to them. By streamlining the survey in this way, you will receive more accurate, meaningful data and respondents are likely to be return survey completers.

    Question Randomisation – In every questionnaire, it is important to reduce survey bias.  This advanced survey feature allows users to randomise questions within a page. Bias can find its way into any survey and it is important to reduce it as much as possible to ensure results received are valid.

    Question Set – An additional new survey feature that further reduces the chance of survey bias and allows users to randomly display a set number of questions within a page.

    Custom Variables – Store additional data that you already have about respondents and link it in with their survey responses. The individual variables are passed through the survey URL, which can then be used in piping and come in handy when analysing or filtering your results. This can be useful for example when sending a survey and incorporating the respondent’s postcode to see if replies vary by location.

    Email Triggers – Marketing automation can be a powerful tool with the use of pre-set email notifications, triggered by a completed response. Responses have added value as they are timely and relevant and can contain a useful PDF attachment.

    Survey Brand & Design

    Multi Language Surveys Multiple Translations

    Multiple Translations – This advanced feature allows you to create one survey in many different translations, including popular languages such as Welsh, Arabic, and Urdu. Send your questionnaire, in a number of different languages, via one link.  The preferred language can be easily selected by the participant at the beginning of the survey.

    Terminal Pages – Mark any page in your survey as a terminal page, any respondent that lands on this page, most likely due to the skip logic you have setup, will be shown your personalised thank you page.

    Get a personalised demo of these features

    Survey Question Types

    Net Promoter Score® – Your NPS® is a valuable indicator of growth, helping you measure customer loyalty and allowing you to evaluate your position in the market. This powerful question type will identify promotors and detractors, helping you to define faults, issues or difficulties and, in turn, achieve long-term improvement and growth.

    Value Slider – Respondent engagement can be increased by introducing interaction to your surveys. By using value sliders, respondents can select a value from a continuous range by dragging a bar to show their preference level.

    Continuous Sum – This survey feature allows respondents to provide numerical values, usually percentages or monetary values, for a list of items adding up to a set total. This tool can be useful in allocating spend or resources.

    Semantic Differential – Measuring values, opinions and attitudes can provide you with important information for making decisions. This valuable tool lets you create a scale for respondents to rate items and events based on their attitude towards them.

    Secure File Upload – Respondents can upload files as part of a survey response, giving you the ability to collect additional information such as photographs, CVs, documents, etc.

    Survey Reporting

    Export Partial Responses – With this advanced feature you can now export the partial responses of your survey to CSV which can be used for further analysis and decision making.

    Export Scheduler - Set up a schedule for an export to run daily, weekly, monthly or just on a one-off basis. This can then be sent to any number of email addresses of your choice.

    Text Analysis – Easily read through responses to each open-ended text question in your survey and tag them into different categories. This allows you to quickly quantify your text responses and generate charts.

    Filter by Contact Data – Divides the contact-data in your lists into segments to target them separately.

    Filter by Translations – Filters your survey responses or results dependent on which language it was completed in.

    Filter by Tracking Links - Filters your results by which tracking link it was completed on. This will allow you to determine your most and least effective distribution method or group of respondents.

    Survey Distribution

    SMS SurveysSending an invitation via SMS gets your survey right into the hands of your respondents. With our mobile responsive survey templates, you can capture feedback immediately. Being able to reach your audience anywhere can help to achieve increased response rates and improved customer engagement.

    Multiple Tracking Links – Tracking links can provide you with valuable feedback regarding your target audience. This can be useful to compare data from different segments or regions.

    Offline Surveys - Data collection via offline surveys can be useful anytime you are unable to access an internet connection. You can continue to collect questionnaire responses using a tablet or mobile device which will be stored until you're connected to the internet again, when you can simply upload your information.

    Cost-Effective Survey Solutions

    Creating a cost-effective online survey in order to collect quality data involves careful planning and design. Continual development of advanced survey features can help you capture the information you need to make informed decisions. If you would like further information about how these survey features can benefit your organisation, get in touch with our knowledgeable support team. Simply visit our Contact Page or call us on 0800 0937 822.

    Certain advanced survey features are available by subscribing to our Business and Enterprise plans. Speak to our experts to learn which features will provide the solutions you are looking for.

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