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Survey Distribution; Social Media Versus Consumer Panels

Social media is becoming so big that market researchers use sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as much as possible. Here are some facts about social media that you may not have been aware of and that will help you see why social media survey distribution is quickly overcoming the benefits of consumer panel survey distribution.

There are now almost 1 billion active users on Facebook, more than what there are vehicles in the world. LinkedIn sees two new accounts being created a second. In just one day, some 190 million tweets get sent. 43% of people follow a brand or like their page.

When it comes to social media survey distribution versus consumer panel survey distribution, should one exclude the other? It seems not. Both have distinct pros and cons that you have to get to grips with.
Social media survey distribution is great because it is cheap, quick and has a wide reach. However, you may get too many respondents if it goes viral, you don’t know who looks at your survey and you don’t know whether you are receiving representative responses.

Consumer panel survey distribution, on the other hand, allows you to have selective participants. You also know that the respondents all fit in the category you want them to and you have control over the number of participants. However, it can be expensive (for good reason), it can take quite some time, and you don’t know whether you are dealing with real consumers or people who simply want to take part in panels.

So which one is better? When comparing social media survey distribution versus consumer panel survey distribution it seems that you need to find the best of both world. Because social media survey distribution can be completely free, you should never overlook it. However, in terms of using consumer panel survey distribution, you will need both the funds and the time.

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