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    What Determines a Successful Online Survey?

    Online surveys can be created by anyone however, very few people are capable of creating successful online surveys. This is because they require some key elements and considerations. You must factor in these elements otherwise you won't be able to capture powerful respondent insights. Below are 7 main factors that determine a successful online survey.

    1. Survey objective: All successful online surveys have well defined objectives. The method you use to define your survey objective is crucial for success regardless of the kind/type of survey you intend to conduct. Successful online surveys take a lot of planning and thought. You must have one survey objective that guides your survey. The best way to determine your survey objective is by pin pointing the problem you intend to discover or solve using your survey. A clear survey objective sets the ground for a successful survey.

    2. Audience selection: The audience you select also determines the success of your online survey. The internet has all types of audiences. You can get any kind of respondents that you want for your survey in the internet. It is however important to note that the audience you select plays a very important role in your success. An online survey is bound to succeed when the audience is selected based on the survey objective/s. This is mainly because responses will be more accurate compared to when you choose random respondents.

    3. Accuracy of questions: This is another important factor that determines a successful online survey. Online surveys with brief and concise questions always have a higher chance of success. You need to ask accurate questions if you want to get accurate answers. Online survey respondents are usually very impatient when it comes to answering survey questions. Traditional survey respondents are more patient when answering vague questions. You should therefore focus on asking quality questions that require straight forward answers otherwise you won't get responses.

    4. Survey organisation: Online survey organisation also matters alot. If your online survey has questions that are organised perfectly i.e. from general to specific, you increase the probability of getting accurate answers from your respondents. This in turn increases the chances of succeeding in your online survey. There are very many survey design tools that can guide you on survey organisation to increase success. You should use these tools to organise your survey otherwise you won't be able to capture the attention of your respondents.

    5. Invitation: The nature of invitation to an online survey also contributes to the overall success of the survey. You must send online invitations to be able to get online survey respondents. For people to respond to your survey invitation, you must make your survey invitation compelling. It is important to note that successful surveys are those with enough respondents thus writing compelling invitations matter a lot.

    6. Results evaluation: The success of an online survey is also determined by results evaluation. The main aim of an online survey is acquiring and evaluating results. Successful online surveys have to allow results evaluation using online survey tools otherwise the data collected will be rendered useless. A successful online survey should provide you with the information you require,allow you to do analysis and make valid conclusions.

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