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    SSL Surveys are now standard across SmartSurvey.


    As part of our commitment to security, and in line with standards being brought in across the internet, all SmartSurvey Surveys are now SSL surveys by default.

    Why this is happening?

    It used to be considered that the “default” state of the web was for traffic to be unsecured, and browsers would show a padlock icon in the URL bar when a secure connection was established via SSL. As time as gone on, it’s become apparent that this wasn’t the most effective solution, despite various information campaigns encouraging web users to look for the padlock. Instead, it’s been decided that SSL connections should be considered the default state and browsers should show a warning in the bar when using an unsecure connection. This means that from October, it's much more likely that respondents will see warnings on Non SSL Surveys.

    How does this affect my Surveys?

    The short answer is – it shouldn’t. All surveys created since 8th of November 2017 (for paid users) or 17th of August 2018 (for free users) have had SSL protection activated by default. No changes have been made to existing surveys.

    Should I update my existing surveys?

    If you have surveys running with SSL not enabled, you may start to get feedback from your respondents asking about the “not secure” message. We would advise, in this case, that you enable it using the guide linked here. Enabling this feature on a survey should not cause issues. Incoming links should still work. The most likely issue is on surveys that use images hosted on an external server that hasn’t got SSL enabled. In this case, the respondent may see an error message about the page containing “unsecure elements”. To fix this, either enable SSL on the image hosting server, or re-host the images using the SmartSurvey File Library.

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    Richard is a product speciliast at SmartSurvey, he helps with product development and technical solutions.

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