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SmartSurvey named in Top 10 Survey Solutions

GetApp recently published its quarterly ranking of the top survey solutions on the market and we are delighted to announce that SmartSurvey is named in the Top 10 of the best survey tools available.

The ranking report aims to recognize the top solutions for SMBs and is based on five unique factors:

  1. Reviews
  2. Integrations
  3. Data security
  4. Mobile platforms
  5. Media presence.

There are more than 92 solutions listed on GetApp, so being recognized in the top 10 survey solutions is a huge achievement!

“SmartSurvey makes its debut at 9th place in GetApp’s new Category Leader ranking for Survey software. Impressive scores of 14 for its reviews and 12 for its security features greatly contributed to its strong overall score of 39 points. An additional 9 points for its software integrations helped solidify SmartSurvey’s place on the Survey leader board for this newly launched ranking,” says GetApp researcher Suzie Blaszkiewicz.

SmartSurvey named in the Top 10 of the best survey solutions. Top 10 Survey Solutions

GetApp’s Category Leader rankings showcase the top cloud-based business apps for 27 different product categories, including survey solutions. Whether you are a first-time survey software user or a business looking to make the switch from one product to another, Category Leaders gives a comprehensive list of the top solutions using a unique, five-factor scoring methodology.

Each factor is worth a maximum of 20 points, for a total potential score out of 100.

  1. User reviews – based on the number, average rating, and recency of reviews.
  2. Integrations – based on native integrations listed on GetApp, the availability of an API, and Zapier integration.
  3. Mobile – based on the mobile responsiveness of its web app.
  4. Media Presence – based on the number of followers on Twitter and fans on Facebook.
  5. Security – based on a security survey developed by GetApp, modelled on the Cloud Security Alliance self-assessment form.

This scoring system ensures that the ranking is completely independent of any commercial relationship with software vendors.

Additional data for the Top 10 Survey Solutions

Starting in Q1 2017, GetApp added additional components to its scoring methodology to provide even more valuable data to the ranking.

  • Reviews: Constant software updates mean that reviews don’t have an infinite shelf life. The more recent product reviews are, the better the score will be.
  • Integrations: A component to the scoring has been added giving weight to integration with popular integrations platform Zapier, as well as an additional point for having an open API.
  • Mobile: Five points for software with a mobile compatible site has been added.

Using this list as a point of reference, software buyers and small business owners can get a good sense of the market landscape for whichever software they are looking for.

We are pleased to be named in the Top 10 Survey Solutions, thanks to the hard work of the whole team here at SmartSurvey. We are proud to help customers create cost-effective, professional online questionnaires with our easy-to-use survey software. Please contact us  for any further information or to arrange a 14-day free trial.

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