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    SmartSurvey named ‘Champions’ in Feedback Management

    We’re thrilled to have been recognised as ‘Champions’ under the ‘Feedback Management Software’ and ‘Survey & Polling Software’ of Crozdesk.com’s market radar, for the strength of our solution and continued market share growth – winning the ‘Leader’ award in both categories respectively. These latest achievements follow hot on the heels of our earlier ‘Quality Choice’ and ‘Trusted Vendor’ awards, bringing our haul of accolades with this leading business software review specialist to a total of four already this year alone.  

    Unlocking the power of data to make better business decisions 

    SmartSurvey has seen strong growth in 2020 with over 280,000 users, but what’s interesting is the increasing trend were seeing among businesses leveraging the platform to gather data across departments or entire workforces. Whilst the use cases are varied there is a common goal – businesses are recognising the rich insight they can gather to better inform strategy and make decisions based on data, rather than assumptionsSurvey software may historically have seemed daunting and perceived as complexcostly and time consuming. However modern platforms like SmartSurvey’s provide an affordable solutioncombined with a vast number of pre-made templates and simple user interfaces that enable businesses to have survey up and running in minutes, giving them the keys to unlock the data held in their employeescustomers and target markets. 

    Feedback Management – the key to sustainable growth? 

    Following the increased trend in business usage were proud to see Smart Survey recognised as an industry leader in Crozdesk’s ‘Feedback Management Software’ category. Vendors in this category enable business to measure client satisfaction, recognise what’s stopping customers from buying, and identify ways to improve.  With customer experience fast becoming the new battleground for success, businesses are looking for ways to drive incremental improvements throughout the customer journey and are looking to survey providers to empower them to easily gather and manage this feedback from customers to support future growth and profitability.  

    The top performing solutions in this category, where SmartSurvey have been positioned, not only help businesses collect and organise customer feedback, but successfully integrate into their daily business operations, helping them seamlessly collect data to improve decision making, improve the quality of their products and services, and drive greater revenue.

    Helping businesses solve data challenges  

    We were equally pleased to achieve leader status in the ‘Survey & Polling Software’ category. Being a leader in this broader category further reinforces just how adaptable the SmartSurvey platform is and how it can be used to solve a wide range of business challenges across multiple departments from HR, to Customer Service, Support, Marketing, Product Development and Sales. 

    The latest accolades continue a strong year for our survey software, having already scooped ‘Quality Choice’ and ‘Trusted Vendor’ awards for the performance and reliability of our solution and support.  

    For more details about our latest awards wins, as well as an overview of our solution offering please visit the following links:  



    About the awarding company  

    Crozdesk.com is one of the most advanced business software discovery platforms. Since 2014, it’s been helping buyers find and compare 1000s of software products across 250+ different categories. 

    Whether it’s accounting, marketing, CRM or design software you’re looking for, Crozdesk can provide the solutions you need. Through its analyst grade reports, curated software stacks, expert reviews, user recommendations and other resources, Crozdesk.com helps millions of businesses around the world boost their productivity through software. 



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