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    SmartSurvey achieves top ranking with Capterra

    Seems that there is a lot of truth in the saying that ‘good things come in threes’! We are proud to announce that SmartSurvey has joined an elite group of products that are named in all three of Capterra’s popular survey software reports!

    With more than 280 survey products listed on Capterra, it’s an extremely rare accolade to feature in all three so we thought we would celebrate by sharing the news of our success.

    "Capterra released three reports highlighting survey software vendors on a variety of factors," said Liann Mosier, Product Report Specialist at Capterra. "Our research team evaluated survey software on three criteria: affordability, ease of use and popularity. SmartSurvey offers an affordable product that allows you to easily share surveys with your social audience.  The UK based company also earned a perfect customer support score, a major factor in our user-friendly report".

    popular survey software Top 20 Most Popular Survey Software

    We are proud of this achievement that emphasises SmartSurvey’s ability to accommodate any survey need. We can help anyone, from individual students up to multi-layered organisations, to create, collect and analyse any type of data.  Here is an overview of the three software reports that we feature in:

    #1 - The Top 20 Most Popular Survey Software

    The most popular survey software makes it easy to gather valuable insight from your target audience. With advanced functionality to create questionnaires that will provide actionable insight, survey software is an important addition to your market research efforts regardless of the size of your organization. There are many benefits of gathering feedback, here are three reasons you should ask for customer feedback.

    #2 - The Top 20 Most User-Friendly Survey Software

    New ideas and feedback are important for growth in any business. The most user-friendly survey software makes it easy to build surveys, collect responses, and analyse the results so you can focus on the bigger picture - growing and improving your business! We have put together our 5 top tips for designing effective questionnaires.

    #3 - The Top 20 Most Affordable Survey Software

    There are many great survey tools for research, ranging from free to paid plans and SmartSurvey rates highly in Capterra’s list of most affordable survey software. Research should be part of any B2B and B2C marketing toolkit, read why customer data should shape your marketing strategy. You can get started immediately with a free basic plan and there are discounts for students and not-for-profit organisations.

    Capterra launched their Top 20 Most Popular Software Series in 2012 to recognise the market leaders in every major software sector. The goal was to provide a comprehensive resource for software buyers to make the best-informed purchase decisions when buying software.

    How is the most popular survey software ranked?

    Capterra developed a custom popularity index to rank the solutions in each section;

    1. Number of customers: Unique organizations using the software.
    2. Number of active users: Individuals at those organizations who actively use the software.
    3. Social presence: Comprised of six factors—Twitter followers, Facebook Company Page Likes, LinkedIn Company Page followers, Google+ Company followers, Klout score, and # of Capterra reviews.

    The index helps consumers find the software that will best suit their needs.

    Survey software customer reviews

     “SmartSurvey provides great support, even straightforward issues such as forgotten login information are easy to resolve. I would certainly recommend SmartSurvey, the features are easy to use and therefore all of our colleagues can pick it up and run effective surveys simply. SmartSurvey software has helped us achieve exactly what we need it to”. - Louise Nazir - Operations Business Manager, Anthony Nolan.

    “By identifying trends, we are able to develop connections with our customers and identify opportunities within our own sphere of control by analysing feedback. Customers’ expectations are exceeded by our responding to comments within a few hours of receiving them”. - Alastair Ross, Customer Fulfilment Manager, IKEA.

    “Since we signed up in 2014 SmartSurvey have provided useful training, continued account support and regularly advised on new features to support and enhance our current surveys. SmartSurvey is always releasing new developments which ensure we continue to develop our questionnaires”. – Norfolk County Council.

    We are delighted to have ranked in all three of Capterra’s Top 20 reports, all thanks to the hard work of our dedicated team. SmartSurvey can provide you with the software to build forms, create quizzes and make any type of survey.  If you would like any further information, please contact us to arrange a 14-day free trial.

    Create a Free Survey

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    Phil is part of the Content team at SmartSurvey and has over 20 years experience in the PR and Comms sector writing for Tech Companies.

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