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    SmartSurvey Achieve Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

    Secure Surveys Cyber Security

    At SmartSurvey, we recognise the importance of secure surveys and protecting systems, networks and data in cyber space.  We are proud to announce that we are certified and fully compliant with the Cyber Essentials Plus Scheme. It is vital for organisations to protect themselves from online cyber threats and the Cyber Essentials scheme ensures SmartSurvey is 100% proactive with their approach to risk management. Find out more about cyber security certification and procedures we have in place…

    What is Cyber Security?

    In today’s high-tech, digital environment, covering basic cyber security safeguards is critical for the protection of your data. The very act of completing the rigorous assessment process will help ensure no gaps in security will occur.

    An article on the website Computing, the leading information source for UK technology, discussed TalkTalk's lack of Cyber Essentials accreditation. One interesting statement says, – “It had been suggested to the House of Commons culture, media and sport select committee that if TalkTalk had adopted Cyber Essentials earlier, then the cyber-attack - thought to be a simple combination of a DDoS and SQL injection attacks - would not have succeeded”.

    The Cyber Essentials Plus Scheme

    Developed by the UK Government, the Cyber Essentials scheme has been designed to help protect UK businesses by preventing the most prevalent forms of cyber-attacks and to make the UK a safer place to do business online. The Cyber Essentials Plus scheme provides a higher level of assurance, tested by a qualified and independent assessor who simulates basic hacking and phishing attacks. Cyber Essentials is a mandatory requirement for bidding on government contracts where conducting secure surveys, containing personal and sensitive information, is paramount.

    5 key controls Cyber Essentials accreditation focuses on:

    1. Secure configuration
    2. Boundary firewalls and Internet gateways
    3. Access controls and administrative privilege management
    4. Patch management
    5. Malware protection

    Comprehensive ISO 27001 Certification

    In addition to Cyber Essentials Plus, SmartSurvey is ISO 27001 certified and fully compliant with the internationally recognised standard for the Information Security Management System (ISMS). ISO 27001 is considered a thorough and rigorous security standard that requires daily examination of any risks to information security, with comprehensive policies to manage risks put in place. The full scheme provides clarity on cyber security practice in order to be better protected.

    The ISO 27001 system is a systematic approach for managing security, designed to reduce the risk of cyber threats that information can be subjected to. Itgovernance.co.uk highlights the fact that “several major companies that are ISO 27001 certified have also sought certification to Cyber Essentials, including Barclays and Vodafone”.

    Benefits of Being ISO 27001 Compliant

    Being ISO 27001 compliant delivers the following clear business benefits:

    For Our Customers:

    • Peace of mind regarding security of data
    • Strong customer-supplier relationship
    • Protection of brand integrity

    For SmartSurvey:

    • Clear definition of responsibilities
    • Secure brand image and credibility
    • Reduced exposure to cyber threats

    For Our Staff:

    • Time saving controls to eradicate risk
    • Improved working relationships with clients
    • Clearly defined company culture and security controls

    G Cloud 8 Supplier

    Due to the evolution of cloud computing, the G-Cloud Framework, governed by The Crown Commercial Service (CCS), has established framework agreements with compliant service providers. SmartSurvey has been a supplier of services through the G-Cloud framework since 2014 and recently announced that they were successful in a bid to supply online survey services through G-Cloud 8. It is a prerequisite of bidding for work with HM Government, which can involve sensitive or personal data, to have completed Cyber Essentials certification. SmartSurvey is proud to have gone even further by securing Cyber Essentials PLUS, a higher level of assurance.

    The Importance of Secure Surveys

    We provide survey software to over 100,000 users worldwide and take information security and data protection very seriously. SmartSurvey’s Security Page showcases why SmartSurvey is the right choice to send secure surveys and safeguard your data, including these four essential security provisions:

    1. We are ISO 27001 certified
    2. Registered under the Data Protection Act
    3. All data is backed up daily on ISO certified UK/EU servers
    4. SSL (TLS) encryption available on surveys for enhanced security

    The entire SmartSurvey team understand the importance of security and data privacy and are continuously updated on our best practice procedures. Please get in touch if you have any questions about SmartSurvey’s security policies and processes please contact us by email or phone.

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