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    Smartest Types of Online Forms

    SmartSurvey is not just for generating online surveys, you can create useful online forms as well that will help you collect essential information for your business. Forms enable the efficient and accurate collection of relevant information required to allow you to make smart decisions and manage business related tasks. Read on to find out more about what types of online forms you can create and how to set them up in a few simple steps…

    SmartSurvey forms are simple to set up and use across the business, requiring no technical expertise. The digital procedure of creating forms saves time and money.  The process removes the need for paper forms and streamlines the method of collecting data for every need. For example, you can take the strain out of signing people up for mailing lists and automate the process of directing generated leads to the sales team.

    There are many beneficial uses for online forms such as capturing sales leads, recording customer contact details, registering delegates for conferences, taking online orders and building up a mailing list. The applications are endless! You have various distribution methods to choose from and the data collected is stored in one convenient place ready for analysis or export.

    Types of Online Forms You can Create

    Registration and Sign Up Forms – Automatically save and organise delegate details at events or sign in attendees to training days.

    Online Membership Form – Receive people’s contact details and allow them to sign up for membership 24/7 at times when it is most convenient for them.

    Sales Contact Form – Collect contact details and inbound enquiries from customers and direct them to your sales team.

    Web Customer Service Evaluation Form - Find out how your customers contacted you, how quickly they were helped and how satisfied they were with the service they received.

    Website Evaluation Form – Gather feedback from website visitors about your services and products to help improve the customer experience.

    Website Visitor Feedback Form – Find out valuable information from visitors to your website to segment and target your audience so that you can continue to improve services.

    Why would I use Online Forms?

    Online forms, or web forms as they are sometimes called, resemble and function like paper forms but are much more efficient and easier to manage than their paper counterparts! Respondents input their data using the same process of checkboxes, buttons and text fields. However, it’s easy to simplify the data collection process by digitalising the whole process.

    Create Online Forms in 6 Easy Steps

    1. Login and click on Create a Survey

    2. Click on ‘Use a survey template’

    How to Create an Online Form How to Create an Online Form

    3. In the Template drop down box, scroll down to Web Forms

    4. Select the Web Form of your choice

    5. Name your Web Form in the ‘Title’ box

    Online Forms Creating Online Forms for all Your Data Needs

    6. Click ‘Start’

    You can ‘Edit’ the questions by clicking on the buttons on the right hand side of the page. When you have finished editing, proceed to distribute the Web Form. Distribution methods for forms are the same as sending an online survey, you can reach your target audience in various ways. You can send the form via email and SMS, share via social media and embed your forms directly into your website.

    All SmartSurvey forms are mobile responsive and offer you an easy to implement, secure solution to gather data you need in a consistent, automated manner.

    Read our case study on how online forms have helped a firm of Chartered Accountants add value for their customers and increase profits by identifying key business indicators.

    Need to get started fast? Want some help building an online form? To save you time, we have created some templates to make life easy. Use one of our ready-made forms or customise it for your own needs. Choose from some the most popular online forms by visiting our templates web page. Get started now for free or contact our friendly support team if you would like any more information on the benefits and uses of online forms.

    Get started and create your first Online Form

    Request a demo from one of our friendly team members or call us on 0800 0937 822.


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