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    SmartSurvey New Release 2013


    Welcome to our SmartSurvey Blog. Here you can find useful information about SmartSurvey updates, bug fixes and major upcoming releases. This blog also contains very useful survey related articles which you should find useful.

    Release Notes

    We have been hard at work designing and developing new features on SmartSurvey, we wanted to make your experience much more enjoyable by making it easier and less time consuming when conducting online surveys.

    So we have listed below all the major and minor improvements that we have added to the new version of Smart Survey, these are listed in no particular order.

    Please note: Some features mentioned below are only available on the Professional and Corporate Accounts and not on the free version.

    UI (User Interface) & Navigation

    First and foremost, when you login to your new account you will notice a much improved ‘Dashboard’ – formerly known as ‘My Account’ page. Sections have been simplified into 3 categories; General, Resources and Support.


    My Surveys

    • The survey listing page has been enhanced for a much smoother experience, moving between multiple pages is now pretty much instant.
    • Hovering over a survey will highlight it and display extra available actions such as ‘Preview’ and ‘Settings’.
    • Offline surveys are now greyed out to help distinguish between online and offline surveys.
    • Clicking the title of the survey now takes you straight through to the design page.

    Survey Design

    • Survey Editor - The survey editor page has been enhanced for a much more fluid and smoother experience. We have minimised loading times for creating, editing, moving, copying and deleting questions and pages.
    • Instant Edit - Instantly edit survey/page titles without going into the survey settings page. You can also make a question mandatory by clicking the "Required" box.
    • Navigation Bar - A navigation bar has been added once you scroll down the design page, this contains a quick-to-navigate drop down box which allows you to move between pages seamlessly. There’s also a ‘Preview Survey’ button for your convenience.
    • Organise Survey - We have even improved this to allow you to move/order questions and pages seamlessly using the drag & drop function. This is especially useful when working with large surveys.
    • Restore Questions - We understand you can sometimes accidentally delete questions, so we have now added the ability to restore deleted questions.

    Adding/Editing Questions

    • Adding and editing questions is now easier than ever before. This is displayed as a pop-up box for minimum page movements.
    • We have made it clearer what each question type looks like by adding a sample screenshot when selected:

    Question Type

    • Amending a live survey is now possible; you can fully edit a live survey without affecting your collected responses. You can even remove unwanted options from a particular question by hiding it. This means you are no longer required to delete options and lose your collected responses.
    • This update also allows you to change a question type on an ‘Offline’ survey without deleting and adding it in again.
    • We have also added new questions types and more advanced settings including validation and formatting. Here’s a list of new features that we have added to this section:
      • Spell Checker - Correct any spelling errors you have on question and answer text boxes.
      • Answer Choice Templates - Pre-made list of options such as: Satisfaction Ratings/Age/Countries, etc.
      • Question Size and Positioning  - This allows you to customise how the question is formatted visually.
      • Date & Time Question Type - We have added a Date & Time feature, this allows respondents to open a calendar and choose a specific date.
      • Automatic HTML Cleaning - When you copy text from a Word document or a HTML page such as a website, it will automatically be reset to plain text.


    We have added a new validation function which allows you to set certain rules when respondents complete multiple answers and open ended essay questions. For example you can limit a respondent to select a maximum of 2 options out 5 available options. You can set this validation as you wish.

    This validation also allows you to:

    • Text Limit - Limit number of characters entered into an open ended essay question type.
    • Email Address - Check if the respondent has entered a valid email address.
    • Number - Respondents must enter a number.
    • Word Limit - Limit the number of words respondents can enter.

    Question Piping

    Question Piping allows you to automatically reference an answer option which was selected on a previous question. For example:

    Q1: What is your favourite colour?

    • Red
    • Yellow (let’s assume you choose this option)
    • Blue

    Q2: Why is Red your favourite colour?

    So as you can see, piping allows you to cleverly reference a previously selected answer option in the upcoming questions within your survey.

    Skip Logic

    Skip Logic has also received a face lift; it’s now easier to add skip logic rules to take your respondents through a certain path. We have added a drag and drop function which allows you to prioritise each rule accordingly. With this we have also included a ‘disqualify respondent’ action for screening out respondents when using our consumer panel service.


    We have added over 40 new themes to choose from.

    We have completely re-designed the Theme Editor. We have opened up the level of customisation with themes so you can create bespoke templates for your surveys. There is also an option to customise your theme using HTML/CSS, giving you even more control for your branding requirements.

    We have also added a ‘Theme Selector’ which appears as a tab option in the survey design page, this gives you access to all pre-designed templates/skins including any that you have designed yourself using the Theme Manager.

    Collect – Distribution of your surveys

    We have simplified the way you collect your responses. You can copy the ‘Live’ link formerly known as the ‘Master’ link and paste it into an email and send it out.

    Custom Survey Link

    We have added a feature which allows you to customise the survey link, this is particularly useful for shortening the link and making it look more user-friendly.

    Survey Link

    Embed on to a Website

    Improvements have been made to launching your surveys onto a website; we have now included an option to embed your surveys on to specific pages on your website.

    Pop-up Triggers

    We have added a useful feature within the pop-up option when adding a survey on to your website. Now you can set certain triggers for your visitors, so you can view the survey to every 100th visitor for example.

    Address Book

    We have re-designed the Address Book (formerly known as Mailing List) system from the ground up. It is now much easier to send your surveys in bulk to large groups of people.

    Improved Tracking

    The new address book facility now allows you to track each respondent’s movements. This advanced tracking feature will tell you if someone has viewed your invitation email and whether they viewed the survey.

    We have also included status notifications, so now you will know the precise reason why an individual has not received your invitation. For example, if an invitation has failed sending the system will tell you why. So now you can distinguish who has responded and who is still pending. So when you send a reminder it will only be sent to those who are pending.

    Email Status

    We have now introduced some anti-spam measures in place; this will greatly improve your delivery success rate. It’s worth noting however, you should only send invitations to individuals who have given you consent to email them.

    Opt-Out Link

    In addition to the above we have now included an ’Opt-Out’ option with all invitations you send. The system will track this so anyone who opts out, the system will not send another email to them. A list of opts out will be shown in your invitation page next to each user as shown in the above image.


    A new an exciting feature we have added to the address book facility is the automated delivery scheduler. Now you can determine when you would like your invitation to be sent on a given date and time. This allows you to decide when your email invitation goes if you didn't want to send it immediately.

    Schedule Message

    Survey Results

    We have made minor changes to the reporting system; the majority of change is visual. We have improved the navigation of the results page, so we made it easier to find what you’re looking for.

    You are now able to see the number of partially completed responses and browse through them.

    We are already planning some new features for the reporting section; these will be announced and introduced once we have completed developing them.

    Final Summary

    We would like to thank all our members for using SmartSurvey and for the constructive feedback provided. This helped us a lot when we designed this latest version.

    We hope you like all the new updates we have included in this latest release; there will be plenty more on the way.

    If you have any questions regarding this update or any other query for that matter then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Happy Surveying!

    From the SmartSurvey Team

    Get started and create your first survey

    Request a demo from one of our friendly team members or call us on 0800 0937 822.


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