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    SmartSurvey Beta Information

    The SmartSurvey Beta testing has now ended.
    Thanks to all those who took part.

    A new version of Smart Survey has now been released and is available to all Smart Survey users.

    What does it mean to participate in the SmartSurvey Beta?

    You will be helping us build an even better SmartSurvey. Naturally we thoroughly test everything we build, but Beta testers often use software in a unique way which best suits them, this opens up potential weak spots which we as developers could have missed. Besides, the more bugs you help us find, the better the new release will be for everyone involved with SmartSurvey.

    The good news is you will be part of a carefully selected group that gets to look at the new version before everyone else does.

    How do I apply to participate in the SmartSurvey Beta?

    We are only taking 100 people and we want a broad group of users in different organisations with different needs. If you are interested in becoming a Beta tester, please fill out the Beta Application Form and we will try our best to include you.

    What are the requirements for participating in the SmartSurvey Beta?

    • You must be an existing paying member on SmartSurvey (we can determine this from your account number)
    • Respond to a weekly survey about the new features and any bugs you’ve encountered

    What will happen to my surveys and my data when I participate in the Beta?

    We will give you access to a new account which does not interfere with your existing account. So you will have two completely separate accounts. You’ll be able to add surveys and play around with new features to your heart’s content. Please note, any data collected will be “Dummy” data. All “Dummy” Beta surveys and data will be deleted forever once the Beta period is over.

    How will I know if I’m chosen to participate in the SmartSurvey Beta?

    We will notify all registered members within 7 days of completing the Beta application form.

    What do I do if I find a bug?

    Click the “Report a Bug” link found on the top of every page within your Beta account. This will take you to a form that you can fill out to tell us about the bug.

    What can I do to help?

    If you come across a bug, an error, or otherwise believe you’ve uncovered a defect in the Beta software, collect as much information as you can. The following is very helpful for us:

    1. A screen shot of the error. Windows Vista and Windows 7 users will have access to the ‘Snipping Tool’. This can be found here: ‘Start’ → ‘All Programs’ → ‘Accessories’ → ‘Snipping Tool’.
    2. Write a brief summary of steps to reproduce the issue, bullet points are fine and probably the easiest way of doing this.


    Thank You!

    From all of us at SmartSurvey, Thank You for taking the time to read this information, we look forward to engaging with you throughout your time testing the upcoming version of SmartSurvey.


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