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    Sign Up For a Free Online Survey Account

    The adoption of online survey software is growing daily and, if you have a need to collect data, you could be signed up with a free online survey account in minutes. Here is a quick guide to getting started and answers to some frequently asked questions…

    Surveys can pro-actively help organisations and individuals in many ways, such as gauging customer experience, improving existing processes, benchmarking employee engagement and reducing costs. Market research can benefit your business and professional bodies, such as the Market Research Society (MRS), can provide you with general advice about conducting research.

    A Free Online Survey in 3 Easy Steps

    It only takes 3 quick steps to get started with online surveys:

    Step 1 – Create your survey with an easy to use interface

    Step 2 – Launch your survey in a variety of ways to collect the data

    Step 3 – Analyse and report your results using a range of features

    Sign Up to Get Started Instantly

    If you want to get going immediately, visit our Pricing Page and sign up to our Free Plan. Our Basic Free Plan has been designed to provide you with advanced, secure features so that you can create and distribute quick, effective surveys.

    The Plan provides users with a fast way to create online surveys and forms using up to 15 questions. Members subscribed to this plan will be able to create unlimited surveys and collect up to 100 responses in total per month. Any responses that exceed this amount will be parked and can be released instantaneously by upgrading your SmartSurvey account.

    Once signed up, users are provided with access to a range of ready-made survey templates to help you build your ideal survey. Once you are logged in, simply click on ‘Create a Survey’. Here you will have the choice to create and copy surveys or use a template. Select from a variety of templates and get going instantly.


    Free Online Survey 


    Users on our Free Plan have access to a range of questions types, so you can ask everything you need! You also have a range of options for customisation, ensuring your surveys are clear to read, simple to respond to and easy to manage. You can even add images into your question or embed YouTube videos and audio files!

    What if I need more Features?

    If you want access to more features, such as advanced question types, logic and action features, file upload options or design and branding features you can upgrade your account at any time. If you want to downgrade or cancel you can do this instantly from your account page, there is no minimum contract.

    Learn more about the features included in our Free. Pro, Business and Enterprise plans.

    How do I collect Data?

    The Basic Free Plan provides you with a range of features that ensure you can reach your target audience and collect responses to your survey. As soon as you create a new survey, a link is automatically generated for you to send to your respondents via email. You can also use a code snippet to embed your survey into any web page on your site, or instantly share a link via our social media share option.

    Can I Purchase Responses?

    If you need to get your survey in front of a specific survey audience that you don’t have the contacts for, then you could consider purchasing responses from clearly defined consumer profiles. In order to do this, you will need to upgrade your SmartSurvey account, which you can do from the 'My Account' page on your dashboard.  Once upgraded, you can select a certain target audience and purchase guaranteed responses. If you want to get your survey in front of clearly defined consumer profiles to meet your objectives, our Consumer Panels service will give you instant access to more than 20 million respondents in over 70 countries.


    Free Online Survey Live Consumer Panels


    What if I Have a Question?

    All SmartSurvey members are important to us, no matter what plan you are on and there are a variety of ways to get in touch with us. Our Basic Free Plan members can contact our Support Team via email or raise a support ticket from within your dashboard.

    Is my Data Secure?

    All SmartSurvey accounts have the same security measures applied. SmartSurvey stores all data in the UK/EU and is registered under the Data Protection Act . Other providers may offer data storage in the UK, but will not offer assurances that the data will not be accessed from outside the UK/EU. Data stored with SmartSurvey will never leave the EU.

    SmartSurvey is ISO27001 certified and therefore fully compliant with the internationally recognised standard for the Information Security Management System (ISMS). To learn more about our security standards please visit our security page.


    Free Online Survey Secure Online Surveys


    Get Started with Your Free Online Survey Account

    Read some of our Case Studies to discover why organisations and individuals the world over sign up to our plans. For more information on the Basic Plan, the features provided and to sign up, please visit our pricing page.

    Let us know if you have any questions by posting them here and please leave us any feedback, we love to hear from our customers!

    Create a Free Survey

    User-friendly Survey Software With Advanced Features


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    The importance of domain branding in a cybersecurity conscious society

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