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    Satisfaction Questionnaires

    A customer is the most important entity in a business and their satisfaction plays an important role in promoting your business. Good services to customers are the lifeline in any business. With every customer who is satisfied, your business will likely win many more customers by either recommendations or referrals from the happy and satisfied customers. If you don't take good care of your customers your competitors certainly will. Before you compile a list of satisfaction questions you should consider the objectives of the survey.

    This will help you remain focused and it is going to be easier in deciding what types of questions to ask. After this you should consider how to analyse the answers after the survey. It is easier to analyse closed questions than the open questions where a respondent is allowed to use their own words in replying. The more the respondents the more critical it is to have a simple easy and good analysing tool. Sat satisfaction surveys are a good way to publicise your products to customers who may not have been aware of it. Below are tips on how to write good satisfaction questionnaires and collect customer feedback:

      • You only need few questions to get valuable information from clients. It is vital that you choose the right questions and keep them simple and short. When your clients realise that your questionnaires are short they will more likely want to participate. And the ones that participate have a higher likelihood of completing the whole satisfaction questionnaire.
      • While writing your satisfaction questionnaire, use very simple everyday common language. Avoid jargons used in the industry and also adopt an informal tone as much as possible.
      • Use easy to comprehend rating scale questions for your satisfaction questionnaires. Your question ratings should be based on a numerical scale, such as 0-10.
      • Follow your rating questions with an open ended question where you ask the respondent to answer using their own words on what you will have to improve on to place their ratings higher. Through the responses of this questions then you will get a key insight which will lead you to a powerful client program, service and product satisfaction.
      • Use more than one rating question to get the appropriate satisfaction data. This will also enable you understand your customers through satisfaction questionnaires.
      • Questions should be aimed directly so as to allow the respondent freedom in answering.
      • Don't ask questions that are leading. Be cautious not to ask questions that lead respondents to give certain answers. The answers that you need in a satisfaction questionnaire are the real feeling of the customer towards the services or products your business offers.

    Note that customer survey questions are aimed at determining if your business has met the expectations of your customers and what more could be done to improve the performance of your business. Ensure that you focus on the objective of a satisfaction questionnaire and that every question is stated in a clear manner. This way, you will have answers to assist you with positioning your business in the industry and be aware of what can be done to expand it. The tips above will help you understand your customers through satisfaction questionnaires and this will be a boost for your business.

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