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Preparing an Online Questionnaire

With preparing an online questionnaire the authors first identify the important questions that they would like respondents to answer. An online questionnaire is an inexpensive method of studying customers’ opinions on products and services. That is why it is a frequent tool used for the purpose.
The objectives of the study should be the first step when authors start with preparing an online questionnaire. These objectives have to be phrased appropriately in the form of questions or in the form of measurements. Then the authors should consider the actions they would like to take after they have learned the results of the online questionnaire answered by a sufficient number of respondents. The charts and graphs that are to be prepared should also be considered when authors or companies plan to prepare an online questionnaire.

In an online questionnaire, it is natural to put the more important topics in the first places. The phrasing of the questions should be considered again very carefully. If questions are wrongly asked, the feedback by respondents will not be what is needed, so the goal of the project to prepare online surveys will not be fulfilled.

The most important principle to be observed is to phrase questions in such a way that respondents can easily understand what they are invited to provide in terms of information or opinions. When it is seen that a question will not facilitate the provision of information, another method of obtaining that information should be sought, by asking another question that is easy to respondents to comprehend and provide the information wanted. Respondents are not specialists in the area of marketing, so when questions are too complicated, there will be a high drop out rate, and the efforts put in to prepare an questionnaire will be in vain.