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Online Questionnaires; the Importance of Welcome Pages

It is very important to get an online questionnaire welcome page right. It has been said for a very long time that a very common way of losing customers is by completely ignoring them. An online questionnaire welcome page tells your customer that you are addressing them personally.

Also, by using a good welcome page, you will tell your respondents exactly what to expect. If you offer incentives, this is the place to mention them. Tell them how long it will take them to respond to the questions, how many questions there are and what your privacy policy is.

Basically, an online questionnaire welcome page is a great way to make sure they will start – and finish – the survey as a whole. But there is more as well! It has fantastic benefits in terms of your data collection efforts.

There are many reasons as to why people abandon a survey. It can be because they are intimidated by the questions, or perhaps they simply needed the toilet and forgot all about it. If, however, you use an online questionnaire welcome page with a “next” button, you only need to get them to click on that in order to generate a partial response. Yes, it is not much better than an abandoned response, but it is better than nothing. Besides, if you find you only have partial responses, it will allow your survey provider to take a look at whether there may be an issue with the questionnaire, or whether it really is a case of people not being interested in your online survey. If, for instance, 100% go past the welcome page, but stop at question 4, it may mean that there is a fault in the system.

The top and bottom of it is, however, why wouldn’t you use an online questionnaire welcome page?

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