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    Online Event Surveys - Top Tips for Event Managers

    Online Event surveys can provide essential feedback for those organising events. Live events, spanning a range of industries specialising in conferences, seminars, workshops, trade fairs and exhibitions, offer great networking opportunities. With so many new events being added to the calendar, Event Managers must do their best to ensure each meetup, conference, seminar or launch event is the best that it can be.

    There are now multiple opportunities for Event Managers to gather feedback before, during and after events using online survey tools. Using event surveys as part of the planning process is essential if you want to understand what attendees thought of the location, communications, schedule, prices, staffing, even the food! Using this feedback will not only ensure you have happy attendees but also continue to provide events that keeps people coming back.

    To understand how managers can get the most out of online event surveys, look at how feedback can be requested and gathered at each stage of the event.

    Online Surveys before Events

    Sending out your event surveys to registered attendees, once they have signed up, provides a great opportunity to gather pre-event preferences. Find out about selections for food, programme schedules and even transport to and from the event. This is also a good opportunity to up-sell additional services such as accommodation, extra sessions, memberships and to highlight sponsors products.

    Online Surveys for Event Sponsors

    Tips for event managers for creating online event surveys to gather customer feedback Online Event Surveys - Top Tips

    Many events rely on the support of their sponsors. Keeping your sponsor happy will keep the event alive year after year and can even increase the amount of people present. Allowing sponsors to communicate with your event attendees or membership list is a key opportunity to gather customer insight. Event Managers can provide sponsors with fully branded online event surveys asking for feedback. Event surveys can be sent to the list of attendees asking for opinions on the sponsor’s product, promoting a competition related to the event or a related banner ad. All of these methods not only raise the profile and brand awareness of sponsors but also encourage future funding for the event.

    Online Surveys Onsite at Events

    Sometimes the best opportunity you have to gather feedback from attendees is at your events, whilst they are live. With the event fresh in participant’s minds, users will have better recollection of the experience or product preferences and provide more accurate feedback. To make the most of this ‘onsite experience’, there are a range of options available to distribute your survey during the event, enabling you to gather responses in real time.

    • Setup your survey on a tablet device and display it on your stand so that attendees can leave their own feedback
    • Assign a member of the events team to ask the questions and fill in the responses
    • If you are using a bespoke event app you can send out the survey via the app
    • If you have attendees mobile numbers, you can send out a link to the survey via SMS. You can reach your audience whilst they are still on site and capture feedback immediately.

    Online Surveys after Events

    The event has finished, the attendees have gone home laden with goody bags and the event team are tired. Now is the time that you can make the difference for the next event! Following up with event surveys shows you care about the attendees experience and want to improve the event for the future. Accurate feedback will be achieved if the survey is sent quickly, whilst the event is fresh in audience's minds. You can build an online survey easily, with the required branding, and send it out immediately to start gathering instant responses. Adding a field for users to input further feedback provides an opportunity for event managers to further engage with attendees and demonstrate that delegates will benefit from future events.

    Tips for Effective Online Event Surveys

    1. Tell users what you need: Explain the purpose of the survey at the start and what the outcome will be. You can even offer to share the final report.
    2. Update on the go: Online surveys can be continually adjusted and updated to ensure you get the feedback you need.
    3. Use short concise questions: 'Time is money' so keep the survey short in order to not take up too much of people's time.
    4. Include open ended responses where releveant: Allow delegates to give quality feedback if they want to and make sure you are listening.
    5. Test the survey before the event: Send your survey to a small test group to make sure all is working as it should, the spelling is correct and you are getting the feedback you need.

    Event surveys offer a great opportunity to engage with consumers before, during and after events. Information gathered can assist event managers to evaluate the investment made in event planning and to further enhance the experience for future events. If you have any other questions or would like further advice, please get in touch with our friendly support team.

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