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    Mobile Responsive Surveys - Connect with your Audience Effectively

    Thanks to increased connectivity and a continual development in mobile technology, most consumers now look to their smart phones and tablets to do business, stay social and shop whilst they are on the move. Mobile responsive surveys are fast and effective, have excellent response rates and create a personal interaction between you and your recipient. It is clear that mobile friendly services have a huge part to play in the delivery of online questionnaires and the gathering of data.

    Gather data at the optimum time

    The ability to deliver mobile responsive surveys to your customer’s smartphone or tablet before, during, or straight after a user experience ensures you receive instant feedback. The speed in delivery also increases the quality of the response, as the experience is fresh in the mind. Gathering feedback from your audience when they are at their most engaged and emotionally connected to the event will mean that they are far more likely to provide honest, clear, accurate feedback.

    Real-time feedback

    All brands are now looking to ‘seize the moment’ and engage with consumers during that ‘moment of truth’, either in store or as part of the experience they are providing. Mobile responsive surveys allow businesses to instantly communicate with their audience and gather immediate feedback. With surveys delivered straight to a mobile device, response rates are much improved.

    Mobile surveys let you connect with your audience effectively whilst on the move Mobile Responsive Surveys

    What works best with mobile responsive surveys?

    Mobile responsive surveys do provide a great opportunity to engage consumers effectively. Here are a few tips for designing a mobile friendly questionnaire:

    Your respondents could be on the move: It is likely that your consumer is using their device whilst they are on the go, so make sure your survey is short and to the point. Map out the customer journey before sending the survey request, giving consideration to where users are most likely to be. Research what might be the best time of day to send your survey.

    Get to the point: Mobile surveys should be designed so that the recipient can complete it on a small screen. Don’t write a huge amount of copy or use large detailed images that need to be scaled or loaded by the phone. It is good practice to keep the survey simple, quick and easy to complete. Remember that people communicate with fewer words on a mobile device.

    Capture mobile numbers: Think about how you are going to send your survey link. Do you want to deliver it by email or send it via an SMS message, or maybe both? SMS has a higher open rate to email, therefore you may want to collect mobile phone numbers when capturing customer data.

    Distributing your survey

    As many people now carry their smart phone with them at all times, it becomes more likely that you can communicate with them on the go. Your survey can be sent directly to their handset at any time. There are a number of ways to engage via mobile using apps, email, or even SMS.

    Send your survey via SMS

    If you have user’s mobile numbers you can send a link to your mobile responsive survey directly into the hands of your respondents using SMS. Open rates for SMS are amongst the highest across any form of marketing, often exceeding 98%, with a large percentage being read within 3 seconds.

    Research shows that SMS-based surveys enjoy high conversion, with consumers responding on average within five minutes. SMS messages take almost no time to read and understand. They are really simple to use, allowing live links to be sent that will directly open your survey with a single click.

    As consumers increasingly use mobile devices to communicate, brands must start to adapt and engage with consumers through their preferred choice of channel. It is now possible to use mobile surveys more effectively and it is really easy to get started. To learn more about designing and distributing responsive mobile surveys and to start gathering instant feedback, please get in touch with our friendly support team.

    Get started and create your first survey

    Request a demo from one of our friendly team members or call us on 0800 0937 822.


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