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    Think ‘mobile’ when it comes to research

    The modern day consumer is very engaged with their smartphone, it has become the main device for mobile research and communicating directly with brands, businesses, and friends. When we are in front of the television, walking down the high street, or even asleep, our mobile device is rarely out of arms reach. In fact, 53% of people now check their smartphone within 5 minutes of waking up. We have never depended on an electronic device so much!

    We now place a huge amount of value on mobile devices, making them compulsory objects that we wouldn’t want to be without. Many consumers use their phone to conduct mobile research on offers, even whilst they are still in shops, often to see if they can get a better deal elsewhere. Consumers regularly gather instant data by ‘googling’ for further information and trailers following an event or TV programmes – think ‘Game of Thrones’ spoilers! The mobile phone is now the trusted channel for information snacking and is fast becoming the main channel for consuming media and for communicating with others.

    The technology packaged in a mobile phone provides users with a social hub that contains all the tools needed to engage socially with brands, celebrities or their friends. Whatever the need, the connected world has never been closer and easier to access.

    Mobile – the communication channel of choice

    The opportunity to engage with consumers via their chosen device has never been greater. Even in business, mobile represents 65% of digital media time, with the desktop becoming a ‘secondary touchpoint’. Consumers treat the mobile phone as a personal device which leads to more honest communications via messaging, social media and when giving feedback.

    Increased access to 4G services has meant that smartphone users are online more frequently in the UK, with over a third of internet usage accounted for by mobile devices. This inevitably drives the value of the mobile research as consumers can increasingly connect anytime, anywhere.

    Collect data and conduct mobile research using your smart phone. Connect with your audience through mobile responsive surveys and improve response rates. Mobile Research

    Make the most of mobile research

    Many people understand the importance of mobile communications in the modern day. We all use them and now must consider how to get the most from both sides of the devices, not just as a consumer.

    Mobile usage has become second nature and to some a sixth sense! Consumers remain engaged via the channel, leading to clear, honest opinions and useful feedback. For those seeking relevant, instant, in the moment feedback about their products, mobile presents the greatest opportunity. Whether it is market research, customer satisfaction or a quick poll, mobile research has given us the ability to contact a sample group and gather feedback. This agile channel presents an opportunity to increase respondents, gather instant feedback and capture ‘in the moment’ opinions.

    Capturing feedback ‘on the go’

    The ‘mobile’ phone only becomes mobile via the user. The phone cannot move, the consumer makes it mobile by carrying it with them, often at all times. The true appeal of mobile phones is the instant on the move access to information, online tools, and communications options. The nature of mobile devices means that they can be reached whilst on the move, in all locations, depending on how you are engaging with the device.

    There are now multiple methods to communicate with mobile phones. SMS, email, push notifications (via apps), you can even call people and have a conversation if you wish!

    The numerous options now give you a range of ways to administer your survey and gather feedback instantly. You can survey someone whilst they are in your store, leaving your theme park or returning from their holiday, the opportunities really are endless.

    To fuel your inspiration, here are a few ideas:

    • Distribute a customer service feedback survey via SMS automatically following a purchase in store or online
    • Send a welcome email and ask for your member’s preferences for further mailing when they first register
    • Send a survey link, via SMS, to a customer returning from a trip to get feedback on their travel experience
    • Use a mobile survey to carry out a poll live at events, ask people to vote for their man of the match, give feedback on food, or even run a competition
    • Send customers a link as they leave your theatre or cinema to get feedback on the performance/film, demonstrating your ambition to engage consumers and provide better service

    Consistency is key

    As discussed, there are multiple ways to communicate with others via a mobile device. You can email, text, video call, share images or send in-app messages. Some options require an internet data connection, whilst others require a network connection. As the leading mobile networks in the UK are rolling out 4G coverage, it is increasingly likely the majority of your customers can now connect to a webpage via their mobile.

    Before you start, decide the best way to send your survey to suit your target audience. Consider the actual ratio of respondents and how likely it is they will actually see your message. By sending out your survey via SMS you are more likely to successfully deliver the message and get the survey into the hands of the respondent, resulting in better open rate and more responses.

    Collectively in the UK, consumers will look at their phone over a billion times in 24hrs. If you send a survey via SMS we can confidently say there is a good chance it will get seen.

    Start Creating Mobile Surveys

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    Phil is part of the Content team at SmartSurvey and has over 20 years experience in the PR and Comms sector writing for Tech Companies.

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