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    Maximising Your Online Survey Response Rates

    Maximising online survey response rates is important, because with low response survey response rates there is the risk of obtaining biased responses. What the companies need, as a result of conducting online surveys, is unbiased responses and a high response rate that can help to carry out robust statistical calculations, to get reliable output that can be used to improve their business. The high response rate also enables the obtention of a view on different subgroups, e.g. groups from specific regions.
    When maximising response rates of online surveys is achieved, such surveys are more representative of the population and of the respondents who use the products and services concerned. That is why high response rates lend confidence and reliability to survey results.

    There are actions that can be taken to achieve maximising online survey response rates. A well known policy is to make respondents aware of the importance of forthcoming surveys with the aid of media, newsletters, or other means. Thus respondents learn about the purpose and potential benefits of such online surveys.

    Another popular method for maximising online survey response rates is to make a good first impression. That is achieved by means of adequate design of online surveys. In addition to the design and appearance, the wording of questions, as well as the optimum number of relevant questions, which don’t make surveys too long, are instrumental in delivering a favourable first impression. The number of open questions should be limited, as they necessitate more time to be completed.

    Finally, maximising survey response rates with online surveys is easy when incentives are included. Not only monetary incentives, but also entries to prize draws can be offered to respondents, as prepaid ones, or incentives to be obtained on survey completion. The incentives should also match the target population and thus be appealing for them.

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