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Making the Most of Carrying Out Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Patient satisfaction surveys are incredibly important tools to make sure your health care organisation is working properly. We are going through very difficult economic times and this is felt acutely across the NHS. Hospitals, GP surgeries, PCTs, Acute Trusts and all other medical facilities have to make cuts in difficult places. At the same time, they continue to have a duty of care towards the ill and infirm.

How Patient Satisfaction Surveys Can Help

Patient satisfaction surveys can help in finding out where there are potential areas to make cuts. At the initial stage, healthcare users can be asked what parts they feel are unnecessary. Once cuts have been made, further patient satisfaction surveys can demonstrate whether these cuts have had any negative effect and if there are ways to improve the situation.

Why Patients Satisfaction Surveys Are Important

It is very important to speak to service users about their experiences, even beyond implementing and establishing cuts. By involving them, users feel as if they have made a contribution to the new situation. People are not unreasonable; they understand that there are difficult decisions to be made. However, if these decisions are made without discussing anything with them, they will always be reluctant to see the positive side. Through well organised patient satisfaction surveys, however, they consider themselves engaged, thereby raising understanding too.

Besides these issues, online surveys can help improve service delivery and the experience for both service users and service providers. Again, this is an issue that should be high on the agenda, as it helps to develop the right experience for people. Particularly within a healthcare setting, having a positive overall outlook and exposure, they are likely to heal quicker as well. Remember that the mind, the body and the soul are all connected.

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