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    Looking for an Alternative to FluidSurveys?

    FluidSurveys services have been terminated and customers have been asked to move over to SurveyMonkey. We are going to look at the reasons you may wish to find a viable alternative FluidSurveys…

    We have put together the handy comparison table below, showing you why we are a viable SurveyMonkey alternative. And we have listed details of our advanced features that show you the benefits of moving your account to the UK’s leading online survey provider!

    Why SmartSurvey is the best alternative to FluidSurveys

    fluidsurveys-alternative An Alternative to FluidSurveys

    Multiple Languages

    We not only have a mass translation upload feature but we’ve even bettered it. With SmartSurvey you create just one survey in as many different languages as are needed. Your survey participants get to choose which language they want to answer the survey in when they open it. Results, from the different languages, can be segmented and filtered in a single interface, using our real-time analysis features. See the results across all completions irrespective of language to get the information you need with ease. This option is available as part of our entry level Enterprise account with the mass upload available on the customised Enterprise plan and above.

    Offline Surveys

    One of the favourite and most unique features offered by FluidSurveys was the ability to capture responses regardless of whether or not you have a data connection. Our Offline surveys allow you to collect responses on a variety of platforms, such as a tablet or a smartphone at the actual event, even without an internet connection. When you re-establish a connection, you can sync responses with the click of a button. Gather the data you need anywhere regardless of connectivity, from big events to public kiosks. This option is available as part of our entry level Enterprise plan and above.

    Use your own Domain

    We realise you value your brand and want to promote yourselves, not the provider you’re using. We enable you to totally customise your online surveys, including the branding of the actual survey link. You can use your own domain name as part of the link. This option is part of our Business account plan and includes added SSL security on the entry level Enterprise plan and above.

    UK Based, Secure & Compliant

    As of October 2016, FluidSurveys’ data will be stored in the United States, while this may offer adequate protection, SmartSurvey offers you the additional peace of mind that your data is safely stored within the UK/EU. We are ISO 27001 certified, registered under the Data Protection Act and crucially, are fully compliant with European Privacy Laws.

    Let Your Respondents Send You Files

    If you need your users to send you applications, CVs, or photos; SmartSurvey has you covered there too. Our surveys allow your respondents to upload files from their devices into your survey as part of their response. You can then view the attached files within the results section of your survey or even download them. This option is part of our Business account plan, with the mass download available on the customised Enterprise plan and above.

    Multi-user Collaboration

    Did you enjoy the flexibility to work in teams on FluidSurveys? Because you can do that with SmartSurvey too. Our advanced software allows multiple users within the same organisation to use SmartSurvey without having to share an account. This has significant security benefits within organisations, not just for those dealing with sensitive or private data, but also those who wish to control user privileges such as giving access to creation and results, but not distribution. This option is part of our Business plan and above.

    Personal Support

    We don’t want you to become just a number, lost amongst thousands of others. At SmartSurvey we value all our users and in return offer exceptional support options, unmatched in the industry. This includes comprehensive online options, telephone support and even your own personal Account Manager. Online support is available with all plans. Telephone support is available on our Business plan and an Account Manager is available on our entry level Enterprise plan and above.

    Give us a try and see for yourself – To ease the transition, SmartSurvey are offering an Enterprise Plan for a FREE 90-day grace period so that customers, looking for an alternative provider, can trial the software without having to pay for two accounts.  We also offer 14-day free trials of the Pro or Business plans. If you want to know more about any of our accounts, please give our team a call on +44(0)1684 342400 or request a call back.

    FREE 90-Day Grace Period

    Don’t miss out on any business critical features


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