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    Listen to Your Workforce Through Employee Surveys

    A great way to improve efficiency, performance, and satisfaction in the workplace, is by listening to your employees; one way that a business might opt to do this, is via employee surveys. Not only can you ask open and closed ended questions, but with multiple choice questions, you can also find out what most employees are thinking, with a simple answer.

    Find out what has to change

    Open ended questions, where you allow employees to add their own response, is a great way to find out what they think about the workplace, policies, superiors, and co workers. Not only do they have the opportunity to give their opinion, and to let the business know what is being done right (and wrong), it also allows them to provide suggestions, where things can change, for a more "employee friendly" workplace.

    Improve communication

    Employee surveys are also a great way to improve communications in the workplace. Many times, employees do not feel comfortable talking directly to a manager or a co worker; with employee surveys, this fear goes away. Since they are anonymous, suggestions can be given, employees can feel honest with their responses, and they do not have to be in fear of possible punishment, if something they write or answer, is not what their manager (or a co worker) would like to hear.

    Improve employee satisfaction

    The use of employee surveys is also a great way to improve satisfaction in the workplace. If an employee feels they are not appreciated, their work might falter; but, giving them surveys, is a simple way to find out how they feel, to avoid this. When employers listen to employees, it not only makes communication seamless, it is also the best way for employers to keep their employees happy, working hard, and working to the best of their abilities, regardless of the job they do.

    Increase employee loyalty and retention

    Many employee surveys will also give employers answers to the question why employees often leave the workplace, or what it is that pushes them over the top, and makes them leave. If employers know what to avoid, and know what employees are looking for in a company, it is going to make it easier for employers to create that type of atmosphere. From providing employees with time off, to offering the best benefits, and room for improvement, employers will retain employees, retain the hardest workers, and will keep their business running as smoothly and proficiently as possible.

    Employee surveys can answer many questions, can lead to changes that have to be made, and can result in a happier, healthier employee/employer relationship. So, as an employer, or head of human resources department, make sure to incorporate these surveys on a periodic basis, to find out what employees are thinking. Not only does this open the topic of discussion, it also helps clear bad air, and it also allows employees to feel honest and candid, because their responses are anonymous, so they will answer truthfully, rather than hold back when responding to the employee surveys.

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