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    It’s Christmas Quiz Time - Do you Know Your Jingle Bells From Your Mistletoe?

    You can capture any type of data you want with online surveys. But did you know that you can also have some seasonal fun by creating and circulating a Christmas Quiz for all your friends and colleagues to take part in? In the build-up to the big day, why not get everybody in the mood for the holidays by taking part in a bit of festive merriment?

    In the run-up to the holidays, we have used our online survey service to create a Christmas quiz that will warm the cockles of your heart! We hope you will enjoy having a go at answering our short quiz and that you will share it with your friends, or even create your own, in order to find out who is the fairy on top of the tree or who is a bit of a Grinch!

    Take a look at our Christmas Quiz, answer as many questions as you can, make a note of your final score, then share it with your colleagues and compare results.

    Snowy scene with Christmas tree and log cabin Create your own Christmas Quiz

    Create a Christmas Quiz for the Whole Office to Enjoy!


    Fancy creating your own Christmas quiz game? Follow these simple steps and bamboozle your friends and colleagues. Maybe create a Christmas picture quiz or a Christmas music quiz – the options are endless. So fill your glasses, decorate your gingerbread men and have a slip-sliding good time by testing your general knowledge and Christmas trivia!

    Christmas Quiz Questions and Answers

    SmartSurvey’s advanced features can help you create your very own quiz. This easy to follow guide will walk you through each of the features so you can create your own Christmas conundrum.

    We built this survey with a pinch of different question types, a dash of skip logic and added a sprinkle of images for Christmas decoration. We used a Christmas theme to wrap up the whole parcel - you can select your own from our Theme Library.

    Start Creating Your Christmas Quiz

    1. Login and click on ‘Create a Survey’.
    2. Create a new survey, give it a Survey Title and click Start.
    3. Select a Christmas Theme by clicking the drop down box and choosing ‘Seasonal’.

    This will display a range of templates for popular UK holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas. There are even a few party themes in there. Remember, if you want a fully branded experience or have a specific design requirement then you can create your own custom theme.

    1. Add your Christmas quiz questions and answers. You can write or copy and paste these into the questions and answer boxes. In the example that we put together, we used mainly multiple choice questions but you will have a range of options depending on the type of plan you are signed up to. If you would like to use multiple choice questions in your quiz, add a new question and select multiple choice in the question type drop down.

    Christmas Quiz Questions and Answers Christmas Quiz Questions and Answers

    Using Skip Logic in your Quiz

    Skip logic (also referred to as conditional branching or routing) is used to create a planned route for respondents through a survey. The feature is used to make the questions asked in the survey and the pages that respondents are directed to more relevant. In the case of our Christmas Quiz, we have applied logic to each question so that if you answer the question correctly you are taken to the correct answer page. However, if you get the answer wrong you are taken to an incorrect answer page.

    How to Set Up Skip Logic

    1. Click on ‘Skip Logic’ on the right-hand side of your question. (Don’t forget that Skip Logic cannot be set up on the last page of your survey.)
    2. Click ‘Add New Rule’. From the drop down box in ‘Condition’, select ‘choice is not’ and then in the choice drop down box, select the correct answer.
    3. Now you can select an ‘Action’ to Jump to page.
    4. Select the page that you wish the respondent to be taken to and where on that page they will start.

    Christmas Quiz Questions Christmas Quiz Questions

    1. Click ‘Save’.

    To learn more about Skip Logic then please read our blog post on The Benefits of Using Skip Logic  or get in touch with a member of the SmartSurvey team.

    Using Scoring in your Quiz

    For selected questions in our quiz, we have set it up so that respondents can only select one of the options and provide one answer. We have set up scoring for each question by adding a 1 next to the correct response, this will add a value to the answer. By adding a score of 1 to all correct answers, we will be able to generate a final score and place it in the last survey slide, letting respondents know how they did in the quiz.

    To set up scoring, please follow the steps below (you will need a paid subscription).

    1. On My Surveys page, select Settings next to your survey.

    Christmas Quiz Scoring Christmas Quiz Scoring

    2. Select Features from the survey settings menu.

    3. Select the checkbox next to Enable Scoring.

    4. Click Save Changes and open the Design section of the survey.


    5. Select Edit Question on a question that requires scoring.

    5-quiz6. You can now enter your scoring values in the Score fields. Click Save Question to confirm any changes.


    7. You can view the scores of a respondent, by accessing the Responses section within the survey results section.


    8. Within this section, you will be able to view the Question Score, Page Score and Total Score for each respondent.


    Showing the final score

    If you are applying scoring to answer choices, you might want to display these to the respondent at the end of the survey. We have done this in our Christmas quiz so respondents can see how well they did in the survey.

    To do this, you will need to click on ‘Settings’, and then ‘Finish’.

    Christmas Trivia Questions & Answers Christmas Trivia Questions & Answers

    In the thank you text window, you can edit the message around the brackets to suit the final message for your survey. It’s always good practice to thank the respondent for taking part and explain how the data will be used.

    To make sure that all questions in the quiz are answered and there is no respondent bias, we ticked the following boxes in the question ‘Answer Choices’;

    • Require an answer to this question
    • Randomise, Sort or Flip Answer Choices

    Remember, at the end of your survey, you can add an Auto Redirect to take the respondent to a new web page. To do this, click on ‘Finish’ in Survey Settings and add the URL of the web page you wish to redirect respondents to and after how long.


    Create your own Christmas Quiz

    We hope you found this guide useful and it inspires you to create your own Christmas quiz. Please feel free to share our quiz with your friends to see who can get the highest score, there are share buttons at the end of the quiz. For more information about the features mentioned in this blog, please visit www.smartsurvey.co.uk or call 0800 0937 822.

    Happy Holidays from the team at SmartSurvey!

    Take our Christmas Quiz!

    Find out how much you know about the big day


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