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    Introducing The Marketplace.


    The Marketplace is a new section of the app where you can find information about some of the other products and services we offer. It’s accessible from the dashboard or from the “Account” menu in the app navigation bar.

    We’ve added it because quite often, when we’ve told customers about these options, they’ll say that they never knew that we offered them. So, it seems a good idea to put that information right at the fingertips of our customers.



    We’re going to be adding more products and services to the Marketplace as we make them, and the starting selection looks like this:

    Send by SMS – We think this is one of the best ways of increasing your engagement rate. SMS is a flexible, robust technology with huge reach and our clients have seen clear benefits to using it.

    Live Audience – Invaluable for researchers, we can put you in touch with over a million potential respondents around the world.

    Managed Service – Sometimes finding the time, or the expertise, to run a survey program is difficult, but we can manage a program for you. Tell us your goals and we’ll create and run the right program for you.

    Professional Theme Design – Want a new look for your surveys? We can create a bespoke new responsive theme for you, based on your requirements.

    To visit the Marketplace, simply log in to the app.

    More new features are going to be added on a regular basis, and we’d love to hear your suggestions for what you’d like us to offer as additional services.

    So, is there anything you'd like us to add? Let us know what you’d like to see in future marketplace updates in the comments.

    We’ve Updated the My Surveys Page
    It’s Christmas Quiz time!

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    Rich Tysoe

    Richard is a product speciliast at SmartSurvey, he helps with product development and technical solutions.

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