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    Improve Your Results by Correctly Designing a Survey

    If you want to use surveys, designing them properly is of vital importance. This is as important with online survey design. In fact, there are now people who specialise in the field of designing a survey, but there is no need to spend extra money on one of these specialists when you know what to do yourself. There are seven main things to think about.

    Firstly, your online questionnaire design should focus specifically on what your goals actually are. What do you hope to learn by asking questions, in other words. Next, you need to consider who your sample is. This is a very important part of designing a survey, because knowing who you will interview will determine the type of language you use, the type of pictures you use and how you will address the people. In fact, it will even determine whether you need to make allowances for people with special needs.

    The third issue is about deciding the methodology you will use for your interview, or how you will do it. Do you want to ask ranking questions or rating questions or a combination? Will you use qualitative data or quantative data? Do you want to use just words, or do you want to include pictures and so on.

    Once you have looked at these parts of designing a survey it is time to actually create the questionnaire itself. Never roll the survey out before you have tested the questionnaire as a whole on a few different people. Make sure it is proof read as well. Then and only then are you ready to conduct the survey, ask the questions and add data to your system. Last but not least, you will be ready to analyse the data you have collected and create the results from your hard work.

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    Phil is part of the Content team at SmartSurvey and has over 20 years experience in the PR and Comms sector writing for Tech Companies.

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