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    Improve Services by Conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    The needs for improvements required to lend more appeal, functionality, and usefulness of products and services can be established after learning the extent of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction surveys are the indispensable tools for the purpose. They are conveniently implemented via email marketing, and on obtaining data via email marketing campaigns, marketing specialists analyse the feedback and use it to enhance the products and services in need of improvement.

    Customer satisfaction surveys are usually accompanied with incentives such as prize draws, cash, vouchers for purchases or restaurant dinners, etc. Such incentives serve as motivation for customers to take surveys and contribute their information regarding recent purchases of goods or use of services.

    Customer satisfaction surveys can be general, asking for respondents’ general opinions, e.g. opinions of a specific shop or restaurant, or with respect to particular products services. Both general and specific surveys have their importance for companies which need to learn about the extent of customer satisfaction and what they need to improve. Furthermore, surveys help companies to learn about the frequency of respondents’ visits to shops or websites, etc., and that information is useful for the further customization of email marketing campaigns containing customer satisfaction surveys.

    Companies planning their email marketing campaigns to send customers surveys on their products and service can use the experience of email marketing service companies, and they can be offered to customize their surveys by means of templates which conform to the sphere of activity or business and are artistically designed.

    In addition to asking about the frequency of purchasing products or visiting shops, restaurants, etc., customer satisfaction surveys typically ask about respondents opinions on products and services, and invite them to share their suggestions. Customers’ feedback is the best basis for improvements in products and services, because by using the feedback obtained, companies can bring their production or services in conformity with the demands and requirements on the modern market.

    Yet another benefit of surveys designed to establish customer satisfaction with companies is the opportunity to send special advertising on the basis of a consensus obtained from surveys. Furthermore, surveys help companies to establish a picture of the majorities within demographic groups, such as age brackets and income brackets of company customers. That information is extremely useful for the overall marketing plans of companies.

    When incentives and contests for prizes are included in emails containing customer satisfaction surveys, setting up auto responders to confirm automatically that respondents have been entered into the draw for a prize is a typical addition, and when coupons are offered, the email containing a coupon can be sent on completion of the survey.

    Online surveys are useful as modern tools which help companies to improve their products and services by using feedback provided by respondents who belong to their customers. The data obtained can also serve for the improvement of the marketing and advertising activities of companies which are aware that these activities are a leading advantage on the modern market.

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