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Improve Response Rates by Distributing Your Online Survey on Facebook

Distributing your online survey on Facebook is already a guarantee for a plethora of possible respondents. Facebook walls are appropriate tools for the posting of online surveys. Surveys posted on Facebook walls of companies improve response rates because of the convenience Facebook users have – they can take the survey right in their favourite social media website. Facebook surveys have a style that corresponds to that type of media and the type of communication accomplished there. They are more light hearted, sometimes with a touch of humour, to extend the feeling of relaxation and laid back communication. That is another advantage that companies use to distribute online surveys on Facebook. With a laid back style, surveys enjoy greater attraction rates and hence improved response rates.

The facility that Facebook affords to create online surveys, customised according to needs and preferences, is a prerequisite for companies to take the advantage of being easily able to use templates and in a matter of short time have the product ready – so they can start distributing your online survey on Facebook.

Anonymous surveys are a feature that survey takers enjoy, and it helps to improve response rates. Companies can offer Facebook users anonymous Facebook surveys, to enjoy high rates of respondents. Accompanied by enticing graphs and charts which can be easily generated for surveys posted on Facebook, they are among pastimes in the social media that users enjoy. Enjoyment is a strong guarantee of improved response rates.

What is more, distributing your online survey on Facebook affords opportunities to share the results of that survey on the Facebook wall again. It lends respondents who are Facebook users the confidence that their opinions matter, so they are ready to take part in another invitation when a company undertakes in distributing your online survey on Facebook.

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