Importance of Conducting Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction has always been a very important factor for business and today this is now becoming an important factor in the medical world. Today, more and more medical facilities, clinics, and even physicians are conducting patient satisfaction surveys. The main reason this is true is that even in the healthcare industry, providing patients with the best possible care as well as catering to their needs is very important. By conducting patient satisfaction surveys, health care providers can learn if they are making the grade with their patients or if they are lacking in any category. To compete with all the other medical providers, it is essential that every health care provider learn pertinent information regarding their patient’s opinion.

The first reason why you should be conducting patient satisfaction surveys, is to learn what is important to your patients. You may not believe this, but the way your patient is treated from the moment they enter your facility is very important. Are your front desk personnel friendly and helpful, do your patients have to wait for hours without any explanation, do you have toys or a play area for the children or must they sit and be quiet? All of these can be factors that may have your patients looking elsewhere even if you provide excellent care.

By conducting patient satisfaction surveys, you will be letting your patients know that their opinion is very important and you want to provide quality services not only medically but in the front office as well. Just by providing a patient satisfaction survey, your patients will be happier with your service as they can provide you with their opinion.

In order to be conducting good patient satisfaction survey, it would be in your best interest to conduct the survey online. This way your patients will be able to answer all your questions anonymously so they will be more apt to answer questions honesty. In most cases, your patients will not want to tell you to your face that you have a rude receptionist that sits on her cell phone or yells at their children but will just find another medical facility. With an online patient satisfaction survey, your patients will be able to provide you with an honest opinion without stepping on anyone’s toes.

Once you have your patient satisfaction questionnaire, your patients will start talking to their family and friends about how great your services are and you will be seeing more patients. Showing that you care about their opinion will give them better reasons to keep you as their medical care professional.

The information you receive from conducting patient satisfaction surveys will help you provide better care as well as ensure your patients time in your facility is one that is pleasing instead of frustrating. This way you can meet their needs from the moment they walk through the door until the leave. Each process from waiting to paying their bill should be a pleasant experience.


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