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Importance of Conducting Online Questionnaires

Conducting online questionnaires are the perfect option for companies and businesses that want to conduct their own research. Today, there are many online questionnaire tools to help each company create their own survey without the high cost that has always been one of the reasons most businesses do not utilise the use of surveys.

Today, there are many reasons that companies are switching to conducting online questionnaires.


One of the best reasons for conducting online questionnaires is the time is much faster than traditional methods. All of the information is gathered automatically, so you can obtain the information faster instead of waiting on the traditional paper surveys. The response time is instant instead of waiting to receive the results.


Once again, since everything is completely online it will save money. You will not have to pay for paper or pay for employees to compile the information. The responses are instant so you can retrieve the results at any time.


Since participants add their responses into the automatic system and no one needs to compile the information, there is no chance of human error when compiling the information.


The information and reports can be seen in graphs, tables, or other methods you prefer, so it will be much easier to understand. The information will be right there in front of you, so you can easily analysis the answers.

Benefits to participants

Conducting online questionnaires is best for participants in many different ways. They can remain anonymous which is often important especially in the case of employees that do not want any backlash from managers or co-workers that may not agree with their opinion. Along with this, the interface of online questionnaires makes it easy for participants to answer the questions in the privacy of their home, which means they will be more honest.

Benefits for Researchers

Conducting online questionnaires make it easy for researchers to analyst and compile the information into reports faster and more accurate.


With the online questionnaires software tools available today, you can actually brand the survey with your logo, your colors, and even your slogan. This will help provide trust with your customers and employees so they know they are actually answering online questionnaires provided by your company instead of another company.


Of course, privacy is the number one reason; participants are more apt to use online questionnaires than offering them a pen and paper. No one will be able to identify his or her handwriting so answering honestly will not be a problem. Too many times, participants will shy away from an online survey if they have to provide their personal information.

Targeted participants

With conducting online questionnaires, you can actually target the audience you desire. The survey can single out participants that match your criteria by asking a few questions in the beginning such as age, gender, or geographic location. This way you will be able to target specific age groups, genders, or locations around the world to help you receive the information you require.


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