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Human Resources & Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Enabling the Human Resources (HR) department to gather honest feedback is a key part of gauging employee satisfaction. A happy workforce will not only increase retention rates but develop productivity and reduce the costs for recruitment. Online surveys can provide HR professionals with valuable insights that can help them get to grips with some of their main challenges. The use of online questionnaires provides a quick, anonymous option to regularly gather and then securely store confidential feedback. Here are examples of some uses for surveys…

Anonymous 360 Feedback

Running an extensive employee survey allows you to review the performance of not only one employee but also their entire team, the Manager or even Director. Administering surveys anonymously can also ensure you get more accurate, honest feedback.

Human Resources & Employee Satisfaction Surveys Human Resources & Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Human Resources Training Surveys

Are you tracking the progression of your employees? Administering an online survey to follow up after a training session or long term education project is a great way to monitor progress or even deliver an assessment.

Increase Employee Retention

The key to retention is improving employee satisfaction. The fact is that increased employee satisfaction will lead to a more productive workforce and therefore a more successful business. It can be as simple as regularly asking your team how they feel about their job and the business. This insight can fuel further changes in policy, management and even employee benefits.

Facilitate Team Building

Many organisations now aim to encourage teamwork by organising regular events and internal communication exercises. Quick polls and pulse surveys give companies the ability to gather feedback or create competitions to support company events. This ensures staff become part of the decision-making process and feel engaged. It also improves internal communications between management and the workforce by providing employees with the option to give honest feedback on team building events.

Empower employees

The more that employees feel empowered, the more likely they are to contribute to building a loyal workforce. Distributing a survey as a way to provide feedback on managers and the wider business, either anonymously or openly, will empower a culture of positive feedback. This also demonstrates to employees that feeding back to other members of the team and sharing opinions, in the aim of development, is a constructive action. This, in turn, builds trust throughout the organisation.

Online Recruitment surveys

The option to gather the views and opinions of prospective employees for recruitment purposes can support pre-assessment programmes. Human Resources surveys can be distributed via email and provide instant accurate reporting.

Supplier Assessment Surveys

Recruitment costs can be a drain on many businesses budgets, with invoices being raised for advertising jobs and agency costs. Using online surveys to measure the effectiveness of job advertising sites can help you keep track of their success. You can even extend the survey to include prospective employees who came to you via agencies to gather their feedback on how helpful the agency was.

By using an online survey tool, you can manage invitations to surveys, track responses and send reminders to those who have not yet taken part. Once the feedback is collected, you can share the results with who ever you choose for complete transparency.

Tips to Improve Employee Satisfaction Surveys

  • Use anonymous surveys for greater insight
  • Explain why you are administering the survey
  • Follow up your survey with information about what you will do with the feedback
  • Make sure your management and leadership team are advocates of employee feedback
  • Think of the audience when writing the questions, don’t fill it up with management speak!

By using a carefully created employee satisfaction survey, you can get to the heart of what drives your workforce and affects the mood in the workplace. Get in touch with us to find out about some examples of employee and personnel surveys for your organisation or HR department to implement. Feel free to use, or customise, one of our ready-made online survey templates.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in March 2016 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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