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    Save a survey as a template

    Time is money, so the saying goes, and it should be used as productively as possible. So, sometimes it is useful to re-use surveys that you have spent hours creating. This guide shows you how to save a survey as a template to use again, maybe numerous times, or share with your work colleagues...

    Incorporating your brand's look and feel into your online questionnaires creates a polished professional feel and helps build trust; therefore, creating a survey template can be an incredibly useful tool.

    4 powerful reasons for creating a survey template

    1. Save time: There is no need to recreate the wheel every time you send a survey. Using a template allows you to easily fine-tune each survey to suit your needs.
    2. Customisable: You have the basic document, now all you need to do is tailor the questions for each new survey.
    3. Consistency: Maintain your company tone of voice by using the same clear language and cut down on the time spent proof reading.
    4. Send and share: Allow your colleagues to access the templates to send out surveys that adhere to your company brand guidelines.

    Uniquely designed templates will help increase awareness of your company and give you total messaging control. Here are some simple steps to guide you through how to save a survey as a template.

    To save a Survey as a Template

    1. From My Surveys page click Manage.
    1. Click Create New Folder on the Survey Folders page.

    SmartSurvey Help guide Save a survey as a template

    1. Name the Folder (For this example we have named it Customer Satisfaction Templates).
    2. From the Template Folder drop-down menu you have two options for where to save your surveys:
      1. Survey Templates - Viewable in your account only.
      2. Survey Templates (including sub-users) - Viewable by all users attached to the Master Account.

    3. Template

    1. Select your chosen option.
    2. Click Save
    3. You have now created a Template Folder.

    To select the suveys that you wish to save as Templates in this Folder, follow these steps:

    1. Return to My Surveys.
    2. Open the survey you would like to save as a Template.
    3. Click on Settings.

    4. Template

    1. From the Survey Folder drop-down box select the Folder you want to save the survey in.
    2. Click Save Changes.
    3. Repeat steps 7. to 11. for all the surveys you wish to save in the Templates Folder.

    5. Template

    To move the surveys to the Templates Folder, follow these steps:

    1. Return to Survey Folders by clicking My Surveys and Manage.
    2. Click on the Options icon next to the Templates Folder you wish to access.
    3. Select the survey(s) you wish to move by inserting a tick in the box next to them.
    4. From the Select One drop-down menu, choose the Folder you wish to move them into.
    5. Scroll to the bottom and click Move Surveys.

    You can view all the surveys saved in your new Template Folder by clicking on it to open it.

    6. Template

    You can create as many Folders as you wish and name them to suit your requirements; e.g. Customer Service Templates, Employee Assessment Templates, Product Satisfaction Templates. Visit the SmartSurvey Knowledge Base for more useful help guides or contact the support team if you have any questions.

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