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    How to Make a Good Online Survey

    A good online survey must provide you with the answers to the questions you have in order to help you make the proper business decisions. In order to get the results you require, you must create a good online survey or questionnaire, which will get participants to start and complete your survey.

    Using the tips below will help you improve the rate of responses you receive as well as provide you with quality information.

    Know the goal of your survey

    When you begin considering an online survey you need to ask a few questions to yourself, which include the reason you are creating the survey, what you wish to accomplish, how you will use the information from the survey, and what you hope will be the outcome of the survey. Before you sit down to create your online survey you must have a detailed plan in order to accomplish your goals.

    Short Surveys

    A good online survey will be short and to the point. In most cases, it is best to focus on one single factor than a large amount of aspects. This way, your participants can provide a fast and accurate answer that will help you reach your goals. Too many times an online survey is long, which takes more time, thus most participants will become bored and stop answering the questions half way through the survey. When this occurs, you may not get to the main focus of your survey.

    Simple Questions

    A good online survey offers short questions that can be answered with a simple yes, no, or even through multiple choice. Do not expect the participants to understand your jargon either. Make the questions in plain and easy to understand language. The easiest way to get the responses you need is by providing rating questions, multiple choice, or just yes or no answers. You can always add a comment box to any of the questions for those that want to add more information.

    Rating Scale Questions

    Participants favor questions that allow them to rate things. In most cases, you should have questions with ratings of 1 to 5 and keep this format throughout the survey. You do not want to confuse your participants by switching the format and offering more or less ratings.

    Beginning of the online Survey

    Start with a good explanation of the survey. You need to get the participants excited about joining in on the survey and providing you with the information you need. Start with broad questions and then more specific questions. This will provide participants with the ability to get into the online survey and answer questions more honestly.


    Not everyone that sees your survey is going to jump on board and take the online survey. Most need a reason to become involved in any type of survey. Offering some type of incentive is a great way to get more participants. You can offer a payment, a gift, or even donating a specific amount to their favorite charity.

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